Suitable for 3 to 7 year olds

We were chatting online about the curious collection of rock album art jigsaws which HMV loaded their shelves with in September 2019 in the hopes of getting pre-Christmas present buyers interested (I’d hold out for the post-Christmas sales if I were you!). Tim Summers then came back with this gem which he found on Leeds market some years ago. Exactly who was going to buy a 25 piece Ian Gillan jigsaw? Apart from Tim of course. The photo I think is lifted from a Kerrang article. As you can see Tim is a busy guy and hasn’t yet got around to finishing it…

GillanJigsaw Tim S.jpg

Of course you’re all now wondering if there were any Deep Purple jigsaws at HMV, well it seems not (Stephen Clare took the photo). Me, I’m holding out for one of The White Album, I like a challenge! (UPDATE – Chris Meloche in Canada says he HAS a White Album jigsaw puzzle, limited edition, and sent me a photo to prove it.)

rock jigsaws HMV.jpeg


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