It’s a date

UPDATE – A show in Italy has just been added, Bologna Park, on July 6th.

The first of Deep Purple‘s summer tour shows for 2020 have now been confirmed, with eight concerts in June / July across Austria and Germany (most of which are branded “Summer Nights 2020″). With one exception these all seem to be one day festivals, one of which includes Dweezil Zappa supporting Deep Purple and Uriah Heep. Thanks to Lutz Reinert for the full details (on our 2020 diary page) and sending some of the (sometimes garish!) adverts. Let us know if you spot any more to add to the list.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to look in all the ditches round about just in case there is a politician who can keep his word…

Clam Rock 2020_2.jpeg

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One Response to “It’s a date”

  1. Dave Harnwell Says:

    I know it’s your site and you can say what you want but why offend any fans who aren’t as far to the left as you? Saying BJ broke a “promise” when other politicians made it impossible for him to do what he wanted is nonsensical. It reminds me of a TV plot line that kept cropping up some years back where the husband promised he’d be home by 6 but was run over, kidnapped, drugged and sold into slavery and the wife left him because he’d “broken his promise”.

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