Whitesnake’s big package (tour)


David Coverdale and whoever is in Whitesnake right now (I’m a bit out of touch) are coming over on a stadium visit to Britain May / June 2020.  They will be in the company of fellow rock and roll titans (© Manchester Evenings News!) Foreigner and (openers) Europe to form a triple bill likely to strike a spot with fans of 1980s hits and MTV.  There are six dates in all. They then fly over to Australia for a tour there with The Scorpions, including a show in New Zealand, then a date in Singapore on the way across to Japan for half a dozen headlining shows.

Tickets are fully on sale this Friday but there are pre-sale offers on meet and greet packages if you look online (they START at £129.00!). Details : London’s O2 Arena (May 31), Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena (June 1), Arena Birmingham (June 3), Glasgow SSE Hydro (June 4) and Newcastle Utilita Arena (June 6), Manchester Arena on June 8.

The question we ask ourselves (apart from where I would hide for the other two acts!) is will they be a patch on the shows in 1979 and 1980 and the answer sadly is not, so I’ll put the money towards a trip to London to see the Bridget Riley exhibition instead.

whitesnake 1979 ticket.JPG

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8 Responses to “Whitesnake’s big package (tour)”

  1. Robert J Tyler Says:

    The question I would ask is why you would want to hide from the two other acts, have you actually listened to recent Europe albums?
    Furthermore if 79/80 gigs are the benchmark for Whitesnake gigs then why not use the same comparison for modern day Purple?
    I enjoy their later offerings but they are hardly Purple circa 70-72 or even the first reunion. I do appreciate the work you do running this site but your comments have become more and more snidely lately never mind your liberal views you feel we need to hear regardless of what this site is actually for? Rant over

    • simon robinson Says:

      Consider me brought “Down To Earth” Robert. And I confess I’ve never listened to any Europe albums.

  2. Lutz Says:

    Hello Simon,

    I hate to correct you, but the touring is the other way around.
    First they do Australasia from Feb 19 to Mar 04 2020 before heading over to Japan from Mar 09 to Mar 20 2020.
    Finally they tour the UK from May 31 till June 08 2020.


  3. Dave Stoddard Says:

    I will gladly give this a miss, MEN last time out was bad enough….I too will stick to the memory of the 1978 tour 👍

  4. Danny Fox Says:

    Scathing indeed Simon, but I fully agree. Time to hang up the boots and leather David. Mind you I’ve felt that way about Purple for a few years now, but will never stop playing the music!

  5. John Says:

    I’ll also be leaving well alone. Two of my first ever gigs were Whitesnake at the Glasgow Apollo, in ‘81 and ‘82. What a band they were, especially ‘81 with the classic line-up. Would rather remember them as they were then.

  6. Craig Says:

    Dear God, spare us David!!!!!

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