Santa’s Quiz

Here’s a little puzzle for the Deep Purple historians out there.  This building, which is in Salisbury, played a role in the development of their Machine Head album in 1971.  It might actually be the longest running purpose built hotel in the country and parts dates back to the C13, although that’s not a clue. See if you can guess! We will post the answer shortly.  In the meantime the best wishes to everyone for a decent break over the holiday season, and Simon just wants to say thanks to everyone who has helped and contributed to the site (and our Facebook page) this past year and for people’s support and patience as well.

red lion hotel.jpg

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5 Responses to “Santa’s Quiz”

  1. Jeff Breis Says:

    All right Simon, I’m ready for the answer.
    All I can think of where Deep Purple and The Red Lion are related is that (if I remember correctly), they played their first ever gig there, but that was Mk I.
    How does Machine Head fit in this equation?

  2. John M. Says:

    Was this where Martin Birch saw Ian G. running naked around the dining room with a burning newspaper held between clenched bumcheeks and suggested an album working title of ‘Afterburner?’

  3. Paul Orchard Says:

    I am not sure however I am sure in your answer you will kick off about politics and brexit. Simon, don’t undo all the good work that you do on this site with you political ramblings. Leave won, good or bad, that’s democracy. Live with it or move to China. And I didn’t vote leave before you say anything. But I am glad we are leaving now.

  4. Mark B Says:

    Hello Simon. I haven’t a clue….. however, this hotel was just down the road from the hotel I was staying in when I went to Salisbury to see Glenn Hughes recently. That’s it really. I fear I have not added to the sum of human knowledge…….

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