Candy Horizon

Glenn Hughes features on the cover of the latest issue of Rock Candy magazine in all his majestic monochrome glory. The cover suggests this is his “most revealing interview ever”, so ditch your copy of his autobiography now!  It’s not an easy magazine to find, but the newsagents over at Rochester Road in Sheffield had copies in when Simon popped in for some Old English flavour Spangles and a copy of Sounds just before Christmas.

Meanwhile Tom Dixon at his local newsagent (he doesn’t say which his favourote Spangles flavour was) has spotted an article in the 500th edition of Record Collector magazine, which discusses buying Purple albums on the strength of the covers. I don’t know which twerp would collect albums just for the sleeves (cue ironic laughter from the other sofa) but the author of the article rather spoils it all by twice calling the band “Midlanders”, and then “Brummies”…  Tom promises a written heckle on our behalf.

Glenn Hughes Rock Candy cover.jpg

9 Responses to “Candy Horizon”

  1. Tom Diixon Says:

    Always strawberry! Record Collector did not deign to print my letter – perhaps rant would be better – as they had even more complaints about attributing a track to Dark Side of the Moon that wasn’t actually on it! Accuracy seems to be failing more and more, but I still like going through the listings and seeing what my collection of vinyl would be worth if I hadn’t actually played them!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I must admit I stopped buying it regularly a long time ago, my ears struggle to tell the difference between the fourth or fifth sonic upgrade so I stick with the third or second!

  2. Mark Nolde Says:

    I bought it so i’ll bloody well boot it

  3. Jon Hill Says:

    Not sure if the Popular American game show Jeopardy is broadcast in the UK. Last night one of the questions pertain to the deep purple song Hush. It seems like there was a deep purple question on Jeopardy sometime back as well that was listed on your post. Hope this helps. I appreciate everything you do for all the deep purple fans.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I couldn’t tell you Jon as most of the US shows I spot on the listings seem to involve buying keys to abandoned storage lockers…!

  4. Jeff Says:

    Hughes is amazing. Unfortunately he promised a DVD performance several years ago and nothing became of it. Such a shame. The tour he did playing the Purple material was just immense. He needed to memorialize that.

  5. Steve Alkum Says:

    A copy of “Sounds”…,,,
    You got a time machine Simon ????

  6. Simon Ford Says:

    A good skim through Glenn’s albums. Apparently Glenn is still owed monies from the ‘Phenomena Project’. Coming out of Hughes /Thrall, Glenn was more a voice for hire on that project. As Glenn is in forgiving mode it would still be good to see a ‘Phenomena’ show – War Of The Worlds,’ an updated feel perhaps?

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