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As we’ve reported on the Facebook page, but forgot to add here, the new Deep Purple album is simply called ‘Whoosh!’.  This was hinted at in a Christmas message sent out by Edel (below), and has been confirmed in the German magazine Rocks.  There is also a teaser trailer on the web where you can hear them repeating the word in a spoken passage from one of the tracks.

Sadly they’ve not used the great Norman Saunders to do the cover illustration (see the 1966 gum card above, he collects this sort of stuff!) but instead gone for a sort of Never Say Die (Black Sabbath) meet Avengers Age Of Ultron image (spoiler – in which half the population drift away as dust), plus a logo which vaguely updates the 1968 original.

Deep Purple Whoosh.jpeg

The track titles are listed below and Rocks have heard some playbacks, which they suggest follow on fairly naturally from ‘Infinite’, which is promising (Simon reckons it was his most played album by the band last year via his favourites).

Throw My Bones
Drop The Weapon
We’re All The Same In The Dark
Nothing At All
No Need To Shout
Step By Step
What the What
The Long Way Round
The Power of the Moon
Remission Possible
Man Alive
And the Address (!)
Dancing In My Sleep

IG – “In a nutshell: Everything that is happening at the moment (today’s music. Deep Purple, you, me, humanity …) in our solar system is like a crumb that you wipe away – ‘Whoosh!'”

He is of course dead right. It’s out on June 12th 2020 in the usual array of formats:

White vinyl / glow in the dark vinyl (why?!) / black vinyl / CD / CD/DVD and vinyl box set.

There may be yet more colours. Thanks to Tim Summers, Martin Ashberry, Mark Maddock, Stephen Clare for bringing me up to speed.  We’ll add that strange Xmas card here out of season for people who like to collect these bits of ephemera.


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7 Responses to “Kapow!”

  1. Sanwal Says:

    Let me post the first comment.

    I can’t believe that I am writing these words at this very moment. For the first time in 40 years, since I first heard Deep Purple/Rainbow, I am not excited about their new album. I am steadily losing my interest in IG version of Purple since the release of Banana and the departure of great Jon Lord. I find it difficult after every new album to feel excited about their music. For me, the presence of Blackmore or Lord in Purple is vital. They are the one who defined the sound of the band and losing any or both of them means you are basically losing the soul. Perhaps there was a wisdom in Page & Co’s (after Bonzo’s death) decision to leave the possibility of future iteration on people’s imagination. Or perhaps, I am too old to enjoy ‘technically good’ banjo player over moody, angry and grumpy banjo player. Perhaps!!!!….Well…at the end let’s see for how long I resist myself for NOT listening to their music.
    Good luck lads!!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Understand what you’re saying and have some sympathy; except I have really enjoyed some of the tracks from Bananas onwards. It is a very different beast but still has some of the Deep Purple heritage behind it.

  2. Steve Allum Says:

    There is a 2lp purple vinyl version as well, but only available in Germany.
    No doubt after the release there will be the usual
    Whoosh ….the tour edition cd
    Whoosh…..the live tapes volume one cd / lp
    Whoosh ….anything else we can think of !!!!
    Steve A in Princetown
    See you on the tour !!!
    Still miss my DArker Than Blue Magazine.

  3. Roy Davies Says:

    If anyone is interested the figure on the cover is wearing a late era Soviet Air Force pilot’s high altitude g-suit. (Think Firefox rather than Avengers……)

    • simon robinson Says:

      Of course we’re interested Roy! And yes I have watched Firefox a few times, despite the special effects struggling in places… Does this mean you’re the man to identify some 1950s aircraft parts I rescued some years ago from an old shed?

  4. ianwilliams677 Says:

    That’s pretty much how I described the cover image on Twitter, but opting for that awful Keanu Reeves remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still. My real reason for writing, however, is to ask if there’s an answer to the Salisbury hotel question you posed just before Christmas? I’d love to know, in case I’m ever passing. Many thanks for all the DP related updates, Ian.

    • simon robinson Says:

      You actually watched the remake?! Brave man. The original is still a wonderful film. I thought we’d given out the answer to that Salisbury Q, we will check and if not sort this.

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