Rock in the charts

LP charts June 21 1970 Deep Purple

Contrived headlines of our times. But Fifty years ago today (June 21st) Deep Purple In Rock belted up to the number 4 slot in the British album charts. They had properly arrived.  And while the album didn’t climb any higher here, it was still in the top ten come the new year. And what was preventing it from getting higher? Well Bridge Over Troubled Water was just unstoppable with 33 weeks at number one alone, a figure it is hard to even get your head round these days. It had even usurped the Let It Be album from getting back to number one. Then Paul McCartney’s solo album which again was just firmly lodged at the top for weeks on end.  But interesting to see a top ten comprised such important and interesting albums, and great to see Deep Purple right there amongst them.

And while it isn’t brand new, here’s another nice In Rock themed cover, this time from one of those Japanese potted black and white paperback (and pocket sized) histories which appear quite regularly. It’s published by Kawade if you want to try and root it out online (we could not find an ISBN).  While we’re on it, if you remember a flashy Deep Purple Collection book issued in Japan many years ago, the author and owner of the collection is proposing an updated edition. As a collector myself it was an interesting book, and every release was illustrated (though the photos were very small) but equally it was far from complete (as few collections are!). More news on this when we have it.

Japan In Rock paperback


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4 Responses to “Rock in the charts”

  1. Paul Littlechild Says:

    That’s McCartney II from 1979

  2. Javimulder Says:

    McCartney’s first solo album represented by the cover of his 1980 McCartney II.

    Easy Rider soundtrack represented by the “deluxe” CD edition.

    And of course DP In Rock is not the proper cover either.

    Those people at the online chart site don’t pay the slightest attention, do they?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Must admit I hadn’t studied it that closely but going back you’re right! But they probably just visit Google images and grab the first thing that turns up. I was looking for the sleeve to the Blue Angel album the other day (Cyndi Lauper’s first band) and it was ages before I found the original, mostly it was reissues which changed the front.

  3. peter mckendrick Says:

    Here’s the bar code: 9784309978260. I find is a good source for books. Regards Peter

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