UPDATE : The version being sent to radio stations is apparently a radio edit which may hold out hope for a longer version on the album as there are some nice passages here but it cuts off way too soon.

Edel has been promising another preview off the new Deep Purple album, a track called Nothing At All. Planet Rock got to play the first exclusive preview this morning, and are calling it the ‘new single’.  Which might account for it being so short! They have a play it again feature on their site so check out around 8.15 during Paul Anthony’s Breakfast Show, says Tim Summers (we were chortling over vintage Round The Horne on R4X so missed it!).  It’s clearly going to be a varied album if the four tracks out and about so far are any indication. I assume a more widespread preview will be out on Friday, release day.

Meanwhile copies of the Record Store day 10″ have been landing from all over the place, with the track The Power of the Moon as the ‘bonus’ as it were, i.e. the one we haven’t had trailed on video.  Keep up, there will be a test come August when the album is out! Simon has decided to wait…  we think he’s just sulking ‘cos the next Minions film has gone back to 2021.

Talking of going back, DP’s cancelled 2020 tour dates have officially been rescheduled for the exact same dates – only 12 months on, so in our case it’s October 2021. Obviously this is a case of hoping for the best, as the live concert scene is in a difficult state. If people aren’t rushing back to the high street, they’re not going to be so keen mixing it with the likes of us in a packed stadium any time soon.  But any sort of distancing would start to call the viability of shows into question – unless we’re all up for paying even more.  Still, we can all join the queue for extra loft insulation to keep our minds off it!


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