Classic Rock 9 / 10

Classic Rock Deep Purple cover.jpg

With the new album almost upon us, Classic Rock magazine have gone to town on Deep Purple again, with their brand new issue (UPDATE cover snap courtesy Geoff Baddock, street date July 21st) featuring interviews with the whole band and producer Bob Ezrin (12 pages according to “couldn’t-be-bothered-to-cancel-our-subscriptioner” Tim Summers). There is also a cover mount CD with Throw My Bones off the album, plus a couple of live tracks from Rio in 2017 (Birds Of Prey and Strange Kind of Woman, probably off the deluxe box set so only “exclusive” for a few weeks!)). They also pick apart the album and conclude that it is “superb” and worth 9 out of 10.  So that sort of gets you wanting to hear it properly.  I couldn’t find the mag cover on the web (or indeed the Classic Rock site) yet but my thanks to Tom Dixon for the information.  Maybe it’s time the band did a deal with Ray-Ban?!


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