Nipper edition

Just when you thought you had got it all sorted, along comes another limited Whoosh, this time courtesy HMV Records (or hmv as they now seem to be styling themselves). There is a CD / DVD book box with three more tracks from Rio 2017 added at the back end of the new studio album (not a separate disc). They are also doing their own limited vinyl version in purple wax. This may be the same as the German purple edition content wise; the reliably terrible hmv website isn’t clear. I guess most people will already have pre-ordered one of the earlier editions by now, but they reckon the vinyl will be 1000 only. Edel have also decided to do an in-store cut-out “standee” figure of the astronaut as part of the display material. At least one of these seems to have mysteriously walked out of a shop already judging by the pic on the web.
But perhaps more importantly some of the early reviews are filtering through. These are all very positive.

Thanks to Mart-In-Ashberry, Tim Summers, Mark Maddock.

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