Who needs NMEs?

The NME played out it’s last few years as a freebie given away in shops and the like, and the music press as we grew up with (and devoured) in the 70s and 80s has now disappeared. The NME was finally sold off to some gents in Singapore – they clearly couldn’t afford a football club – and exists only as a web brand now. But a few of of us may be reminded of the NME’s acerbic and memorable approach to new albums by this mad headline from their website today spotted by David Browne. Back in the 1974 the band and management were actually so incensed by the NME tearing the Burn album apart that they ran a clever full page ad in the NME the following week printing all the great reviews from the other papers together. Perhaps we all took our music a lot more seriously back then.

As David says, there are several back handed compliments in the review, which is otherwise full of snippets cribbed from unchecked web sources, and it’s nothing toworry about given the astonishing press the LP has been getting this week. It’s so nice to see your favourite band getting this kind of coverage and you have to feel pleased for them.

But looking at the “trending” menu above the NME headline does show me how far behind I now am. I’ve never seen The Walking Dead, no idea who Phoebe Bridgers is, never hashtagged anything, not heard of Megan Thee Stallion or ever wanted to go to Glastonbury while the festival was on. Or been stuck in traffic on the M4 to Slough for that matter. Life goes on. Maybe Leonie has hit the nail right on the head, and I’m totally missing the point! While I ponder this, I shall retreat to my cave with Infinite and let it all whoosh by. Simon

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