Bananas £50 a….

Record Collector get the 2021 Deep Purple media run off to a nice start with a ten page feature in their latest issue, on the news-stands on New Year’s Eve (if we’re allowed to go out). It mainly centres round new interviews with IG and RG, the former saying “We’ll carry on until we physically cannot make it onto the stage any more”! Being RC they also throw in a valuations section of the main editions (a few of which may surprise people – £50 for the vinyl edition of Bananas?) and a few nice pics, some images supplied by Simon. “Disappointingly they decided NOT to give the band the entire front cover in the end, feeling they’d been on too many magazines recently! I did moan about this but to no avail,” he tells us. No money changed hands, but he did get a plug for the In Rock biography!

As this is our last posting of 2020 can we says thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site in any way whatsoever over the year and helped keep things going. It’s been an awful year for so many people, but like everyone we’re hoping things will pick up during 2021. Simon adds “Can I add a special thanks to DP fan Gary Critcher who decided to emigrate this year and sent us lots of envelopes with old DP related bits and bobs he turned up while preparing for the move. Most touching perhaps was his original teenage scrapbook full of cuttings and adverts he’d clipped out over several years, and reminded me of similar efforts I made during the 1970s. I’m going to see if the music collection at the British Library could find room for this, it’s too good to break up!”

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