In Concert

This is a nice collectable which Jeff Breis snapped for me recently.  Collectors of BBC rock and pop broadcasts will probably be familiar with the early Moody Blues live set aired in late 1969, which many regard as the first ever BBC Radio In Concert. Certainly it made for a dry run, with Jeff Griffin as producer, and inspired the show which started properly in January 1970.   This one however went out at 5.00pm on December 27th 1969 as The Moody Blues show, and featured two more Threshold acts, Timon and Trapeze. The latter were still a five piece with Glenn Hughes and this brochure was apparently issued to everyone who attended the recording, and was probably specially produced by the label rather than the BBC who do not get mentioned.  It’s a six sided fold out affair and quite smart, with a whole page given over to Trapeze.  There were tickets also printed for the event though these did not have Trapeze’s name on. The BBC are actually marking the 50th anniversary of the show at the moment though the list of 50 shows they have chosen has very little from the classic era.

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