In town (shopping) tonight

£5.00 in 1980 WAS £5.00. But what do you do when you spot your guitar hero popping to to Burton’s the Tailors in Chester? Andrew Elsden braved the burly bodyguard who was with him and approached Ritchie for an autograph, but the only paper he had on him was this five pound note, which as a student he could ill afford to set aside. It must also be one of the few collectables that’s actually gone down in value since, given the drop in our currency (it’s worth about £1.25 today, I looked it up!). Ritchie was due to play Deeside Leisure Centre that evening (Feb 27th, the Down To Earth tour) and was just out killing time in the local shops. Though as far as I recall, Burton’s never did sell black spandex anythings.

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