RSD 2021

Record Store Day rushes round again though not sure I would wish to queue for the goodies in these Covid times even with the jab. There a Bolin related barrel scraper in America (June 12) called Energy 2, while Cherry Red are pressing the Trapeze show from Texas in 1972 which I think came out on CD some time ago. If you are really keen there is even a pressing of Sundragon, a really rare pre Purple session, though again that’s been out on CD in the past (and the Purple cuts were included on the Pre-Purple People which Simon put together years ago. Thanks to Mark Maddock for sifting through the releases for us. Take my advice Mark and skip past Tom Tom Club’s Good, Bad & Funky – it was terrible even when it came out (and I’d buy anything with Tina Weymouth on it!) SR

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