Going forward

As I think many of us felt they might Deep Purple have officially rescheduled the tour dates by around a year into late 2022. Tim Summers has sent us the revised flyer. It does make a lot of sense given the continued uncertainty surrounding both the pandemic, though it does mean this will be the band’s longest gap between tours since the split in 1976. There are continued stories on the web that they have been / will be / are working on putting a new studio album together in the meantime but we can’t shed any light on that and the graphic does still lean / promote Whoosh. Hard the think at least some of them haven’t had their notepads out during the break though!

UPDATE • from IGs spot on the radio last week (see story below) he implies they have not done any studio work on the next album BUT are now planning to get together towards the end of the summer to begin work on ideas and writing which does suggest they could have a new LP around the time of the rescheduled tour in 2021.

4 Responses to “Going forward”

  1. Peter Seyderhelm Says:

    Listening to the Lyme Bay Radio show on Friday, IG said there wouldn’t be any live shows until early 2022 in the USA. That sounds fairly conclusive, and DeepPurple.com’s “Tours” page shows the rescheduled UK dates in October 2022. However, it still lists many of the 2021 European summer festival dates and autumn arena dates, complete with links to the individual venue websites for ticket purchases. I presume these dates have not yet been “cancelled” as revised contracts have not yet been finalised … or do you have any insights?

  2. Clive Bindley Says:

    Holy shit…..you saw the error and rectified just as I posted the correction! Who’da thunk it?

  3. Clive Bindley Says:

    Late 2022 not 2021

  4. Bill Bass Says:

    Ian Gillan confirmed this on his Lyme Regis radio appearance, said that everything was being shifted to 2022. I’ve a ticket for the O2 so it got my attention!

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