The Sound of Music

I’m pretty sure Simon cried into his bottle of Rotring ink when he saw the first few of the band’s official bootleg series, but the ‘brown paper packages tied up with strings’ laziness continues on this next two. The Australian show will likely be familiar from the box set of bootlegs issued back in 2001, but the Hammy Odeon set from a year later is at least musically of interest. This is we think Jon Lord’s last concert as a full official member of Deep Purple. The band embarked on what was to be his final tour without telling anyone (though we seem to remember a certain fanzine broke ranks and blabbed all!), BUT everyone quickly went down with nasty flu and after the London show the rest of the dates were pulled. They were rebooked but played with two keyboardists, introducing Don Airey for half the show. The gig was recorded on multi track (and an audience bootleg is about) so let’s hope that’s been used (and not screwed with). And if you don’t have enough brown cardboard, vinyl editions will also be pressed. Thanks to Tim Summers, Matthew Kean for help.

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5 Responses to “The Sound of Music”

  1. Steve Allum Says:

    I had tickets for Plymouth , which was the last night of that tour . When cancelled , Ipswich became the last date . My missus “aquired “ a tour poster from the venue , which I have framed and on my wall. The last time I saw Jon play live was at the Sunflower gig at the Albert Hall ( with Rick W )

  2. Leftin Says:

    What’s funny is that those brown paperbag covers look like Led Zep’s In Through the Out Door.

  3. SF Says:

    Wollongong was already released on The Soundboard Series, maybe this time it won’t be Soundboard version, but a multitrack version. I thought they (ear) won’t do such cheap moves, at least Newcastle 2001 wasn’t from the box…

  4. Danny Fox Says:

    I was at this gig. They slotted the Aviator into the set as Gillan was clearly struggling thougout the show. He looked exhausted by the third number, poor guy. So it was no surprise they cancelled the rest of the tour. That said I enjoyed the show. Look forward to hearing it.

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