Whitesnake expand

Well perhaps we have all eaten a bit more than we should during lockdown but no. In DCs case he’s added another singer to his group, which seems a bit of a left field move. His name is Dino Jelusick and he will join them for the delayed world tour next year (along with the usual suspects and co-headliners). It reaches the UK in May. Flyer is attached above courtesy of Tim Summers, who also adds that Bernie Marsden has a new album out called Kings, which is his tribute to blues greats BB, Albert and Freddie. Such a neat idea you wonder why nobody thought of it before. Nice sleeve too. He’s doing signed copies at his site and the CD includes a cover of a cover Whitesnake did on Lovehunter, Help Me Through The Day. It’s lovely. They are also planning a reissue of DCs Restless Heart album with all the trimmings. Thanks also to Tom Dixon.

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5 Responses to “Whitesnake expand”

  1. David Stoddard Says:

    Whitesnake could add an operatic quartet and a five course meal and I still wouldn’t pay a penny to see them live again.
    The 2015 tour was the last straw – I’ll cherish the memories of the Trouble – Lovehunter tours thank you….

  2. rcorich3951 Says:

    Here you go Simon


    They were bloody good live this time around


  3. Rasmus Heide Says:

    Irony is a fine thing. 😆
    Glad to hear you’re doing better. (Not irony.)

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