Out of town tonight

While tickets and the like are great souvenirs, this page from one of the crew’s passports illustrates the every day routine of touring really nicely. One images a secretary at the HEC office rounded up the band and crew passports, and took them en masse down to the Japanese embassy in London so they could be stamped for entry. This image courtesy Aleksey shows such an entry dated August 8th 1972, clearing the holder for a visit to Japan within four months of the date shown. Fans will spot this to be the legendary Made In Japan tour. There was a fee of £1.35p payable for this (which was doubtless deducted from the next wages!). The visa has then been over stamped in Japan at the airport to show it has been used. If you wanted to go again, that would be another £1.35p.

One Response to “Out of town tonight”

  1. Jeff Breis Says:

    This is the kind of thing that a weirdo like me enjoys collecting. I need a time machine, backwards! Deep Purple 1970-1972, gad! Wonderful.

    Jeff Breis


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