The Prague Symphony Orchestra practising Hard Lovin’ Man, yesterday

Ian Gillan is filling in time between sections of the DP tour by doing another of those orchestral rock tours, this time across Spain with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra in November. He has been doing these gigs for over a decade now. The orchestra will be doing tracks by at least five bands fronted (I assume!) by different singers, and IG gets to close the show with eight or so Purple classics including Hush and two from the reunion, including a track off Whoosh, Nothing At All, which is chosen as Ian reckons it is his favourite Purple song of the lot at the moment.

Talking of Hush, John McEvoy thinks he heard Coral Bookmakers using it as the backing track in TV adverts last year…

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2 Responses to “Vacaciones”

  1. Cam Says:

    Will there be a possible album?

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