more hurtling

From what people say it looks like DP are preparing a tour special release as the Berlin concert was also filmed. They added ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ from the covers album into the set there too, complete with a horn section!
Simon’s brother Nick got to the Manchester Arena show and while often a bit cynical thought the journey well worth it: “Hugely impressed. The stand-in geetarist (stand in no more! Ed) is one hell of a player and perfect for their earlier sound. Don was a revelation, he’s no right to play as superbly as that. Gillan was far better than some videos I’ve seen. He stayed within his limits and it was enough for me. Overall, 8/10.”
“I think I’d agree with Roger’s thought that the Manchester audience was the most up for it (mad fer it, even). Whilst in London everyone in the floor seats rose to their feet when the band arrived on stage, in Leeds and Brum we remained seated until ‘Smoke’ (and then stayed standing. I was happy with the nice sit down to be honest!). In Manchester everyone was standing throughout, and pretty vociferous between songs. IG seemed taken aback – as did Simon McBride with the strong reaction to his call and response with the crowd during ‘Black Night’.” Tim Summers.
John Tucker : “At Birmingham Don played a piano version of Iron Man – I thought it had to be something by Sabbath, but hadn’t expected that one!” Tim notes “he did a bit of “Maybe It’s Because I’m a Londoner” at the O2 and “On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at” in Leeds.”
Tim adds it’s worth noting the effort they have put into beefing up their often lacklustre screen entertainment: “Whilst not at Rush/Muse levels of projecting an arena sized show into all corners of the barn, Purple definitely seem to have upped their game in this area. As well as some close-ups of the band members as they played (with no distracting split-second delay that used to mar these on previous tours) there were some other nice bits and pieces. I particularly liked the DP playing cards of the group shown (briefly) during ‘Smoke’, there were cards for Frank Z and Funky Claude too.”
Roger has been a bit unwell during the UK tour so skipping back to the hotel post-shows rather than joining in the meets and greets.

[Photo Keith Sharp]

“I thought McBride was brilliant, his going back to studio versions of Ritchie’s solos was a masterstroke. The only track I didn’t think worked that well was Anya, it has lost its majesty.
When A Blindman Cries was stunning, not something I thought I’d ever say about Gillan again to be honest. I found Airey quite entertaining, although his keyboard solo was more Keith Emerson than Jon Lord, pretty sure he nicked the whole of Emerson’s piano improvisations from the live album.
After the show I really felt Don was very thoughtful and made his way around the room chatting to everyone, even added his signature to Down to Earth for me.” Mike Richards
Final word perhaps to Tim Summers who did all the English shows: “The fact that the band still exists is a minor miracle, but that they exist and sound this good and exciting at such a late stage in the game surely deserves some sort of papal recognition.”


4 Responses to “more hurtling”

  1. davidbillington Says:

    Hi Simon/Ann, I’m currently down sizing and clearing out our house. I’ve a complete collection of Stargazer/DTB magazine, albeit the first 8 being reprints. As it’s unlikely that I’ll be re-reading for the umpteenth time, I’m looking for a new home for them. I don’t want to go down the ebay route, and would prefer them to go to a good home instead. I’m wondering if you could assist in some way? It would be easier if any willing adopter could collect from my home. I still live in Stockport. All the best, Dave.

  2. michael ball Says:

    Was at both the Leeds and Manchester shows – enjoyed both – thought the band were on top form. Even having to stand for most of the Manchester show did not take away from the enjoyment. McBride appears to be a good fit – hope they can find the energy to do another tour in the future. BTW – good to see BOC again as well – made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

  3. max Says:

    Very well put. Same goes for the Stuttgart show. Impressing, not just “for their age” …

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