In Concert

As someone who has hung on to far more printed ephemera than is probably sensible, I was tickled when this scan arrived from Gary Critcher to see he also keeps interesting bits and pieces. It’s a compliments slip from Safari Records, and the handwritten note is from Tony Edwards, who co-owned the label and of course managed Deep Purple in the classic era, and co-ordinated their back catalogue. The slip accompanied a review copy of the album In Concert, which Gary in his position as a one time BBC Transcription department manager helped me co-ordinate the release for EMI Harvest in late 1980. Tony also sent me a copy with a similar note (which I likewise kept), having (he said) spent the morning listening to the record! It kind of sums up Tony’s attention to detail and also his courteous nature to think of people – I can’t imagine many label managers doing this (indeed, having helped Edel put together their Jon Lord vinyl reissues a couple of years ago, I am still awaiting my sample copies, never mind a thank you, so they know what they can do next time they come a calling!). This slip was dated Nov 27th 1980. I’d do the maths, but it would be too depressing! Those two BBC recordings are still excellent examples of the band live, and the Lucille encore in particular remains a favourite of Ann’s.


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4 Responses to “In Concert”

  1. Neil Cutler Says:

    More than a ‘pretty good record’. Agree with Ann, cracking version of Lucille…and Never Before another of my faves on there!! Played this over and over when it came out and still play it today, especially the two mentioned tracks. Thanks for another massive effort there Simon.

  2. John Spiers Says:

    My favourite version of Lucille is by Gillan, one of their b-sides. Fantastic solo by Colin Towns and a great, manic laugh by Ian right at the end. Never fails to make me smile.

  3. davidbillington Says:

    Slightly off topic, but watching Netflix’s rather good, imo, series 1899, I was surprised to hear Child In Time used as the outro music for the 2nd episode.

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