Rock and candy

Coming to a dentist’s waiting room near you soon, nothing massively earth shattering content wise according to subscribers (mostly vintage interviews – sadly the other two mainstays of this era are no longer with us) but a good over-view say those who have read it. I didn’t know there were several Blackmore clones running around out there but we live and learn! Issue 35 if you are counting. Thanks to Tim Summers for the info.


3 Responses to “Rock and candy”

  1. Fred clifford Says:

    Hi Simon merry Christmas still miss the old darker than blue and stargazer magazines

    • simon robinson Says:

      I miss doing them Fred, but can’t find a way to make them pay as I head into my twilight years with a rubbish pension!

  2. Arthur Smith Says:

    Bought a copy yesterday and enjoyed reading it, as others have said there’s nothing new for the more hardcore fans but nice to see a spotlight on Rainbow. I don’t think the band was ever quite as successful as Ritchie wanted it to be so he doesn’t really look after the catalogue the way others do with theirs (hello David Coverdale…!). Far more influential than they were commercially successful!

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