Away in a manger…

“If those three wise men don’t turn up soon, I’m for the pub…”

No we have absolutely no idea what is going on here, unless Roger was auditioning for a Blackmore’s Nite video. But what say you send us your best caption and we’ll print our favourites (so keep it er printable!) in a couple of weeks? My thanks to Pericle for letting us borrow the snap.

And indeed thanks to everyone who has helped and commented and sent us bits of news over the past year. Simon and Ann have been caught up in The Great Stannington Gas Flood lately but after a week huddled around the multi fuel stove have got the heating up and running again (albeit with the thermostat turned down). Let’s hope for better times for everyone in 2023. And a toot of the car horn for all those key workers shivering on picket lines.


18 Responses to “Away in a manger…”

  1. Iang Says:

    Jesus Christ Superstar, The Prequel

  2. Scruff Says:

    It’s nowhere near “last orders” yet but, is it me, or has this donkey got two heads!

  3. Raj Kohli Says:

    I can’t seem to read any of the comments…..

  4. David Black Says:

    Encore of the Beverley Sisters’ “Little Donkey”?

  5. Neil Davies Says:

    Is he doing an encore , or what ?

  6. william Says:

    Sweet Child in time

  7. John M. Says:

    I’ve got two of them here, but there’s only room for one ass in the band.

  8. John M. Says:

    Where’s Paicey got to? He’s supposed to be playing the rear end of the donkey (with his drumsticks – geddit?)

  9. John Goldsmith Says:

    Jesus Christ Superstar my arse, where are you Gillan

  10. Roy Davies Says:

    Yes dear, the Child is on Time…..hmmm, that sounds like a song title……

  11. Raj Says:

    The golden light above you is NOT the star of Bethlehem. No, no, no.

  12. Clive G Bindley Says:

    Ok let’s time those contractions…

  13. Clive G Bindley Says:

    Is it that time already? The angel should be arriving soon.

  14. CeeBee Says:

    Blackmore’s “Nite”??

  15. 1grommit1 Says:

    “Immaculate conception? If you don’t tell who had it in for me in 30 seconds, the two headed donkey gets it!”
    “Where the hell is Gillan? we have to finish ‘Perfect Mangers’ before the kids nativity starts.”

  16. Lachlan Says:

    This bloody donkey should’ve finished by now. Lasts longer than the sheep!!

  17. Dave Coop Says:

    For your caption… Roger’s saying “Child in time, my Ass”

  18. John Joseph Blackburn Says:

    I think your comment about auditioning for a Blackmore’s Night video can’t be bettered! Best wishes.

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