C5 show not about bargain brits…

DP on the telly over Xmas, and it was new material and not behind the netfix and sky paywalls? Good old Channel 5 (home to “Get Your Tatts Out”) put together Britain’s Favourite Rock Songs. Ian’s G and P (and the other two! Roger was under doctors orders at the time with the lurgi) were interviewed about rock in general and then a finale all about Smoke. The interviews were done during the recent UK tour.
I don’t recall getting a ballot paper myself but would have voted for it anyway. C5 does claim to run a catch up service if you can get it to work, it garners just 1.2 stars on Trust Pilot (I tried to open an ITVX one recently, to be told [a] I already had one which I don’t, and [b] even if I did it won’t run on a Mac…).

Thanks to everyone who stumbled (metaphorically or literally) on the show and let us know. Here’s the direct link courtesy Tim Summers and he did us some screen grabs attached above too. Still trying to get used to not seeing Steve Morse there. Talking of whom, Steve Clare notes The Steve Morse Band are doing some shows as a trio in America in February (first time in a decade), details on stevemorse.com

https://www.channel5.com/show/britain-s-favourite-rock-songs (channel5.com)

Warning, it’s nearly two hours long.

Finally. It seemed far too personal, so we left off mentioning the sad news of Ian Gillan’s wife Bron’s death a few weeks ago. Anyone who has been through this situation will feel for him. It’s difficult when you spend much of your life in the public eye, but IG has now made a public statement on her passing through his site, which those who have read it say is extremely moving. I couldn’t get beyond the third sentence. SR.



6 Responses to “C5 show not about bargain brits…”

  1. lisbet palsdorf Says:

    I’m sad to hear that you have lost your wife .love from Lisbet Palsdorf

  2. Manfred Says:

    What a pity, the Channel5 stream can not be watched outside UK.
    You can use a VPN proxy using an UK server to watch – uh, I never told you :o

    • simon robinson Says:

      I think most folk are aware of the VPN trick though apparently it does not always work as providers wise up! But I am sure someone will be pirating this to YouTube before long.

  3. Bill Bass Says:

    Firstly, sorry to here of Ian’s wife she sounded like a really nice lady.

    Thanks for flagging-up the ‘Britain’s Favourite Rock Songs’ programme, it had past me by. I’ve just watched it (the link worked ok even on my ancient PC laptop), I thought it was very good as these things go, quite a lot DP input and I learnt some stuff generally I didn’t know about some other rock tracks.

    By the way, My5 says it’s only available until the 25 Jan 2023.

    Good stuff.

    Cheers, Bill

  4. davidbillington Says:

    I’ve seen Ian’s message re Bron. So sad, makes one appreciate what one has all the more.

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