55 and counting

A bit more cheerier news as Deep Purple have announced batches of live shows for the new year. It includes America, Japan and Europe (with some regular venues and a few festivals, nothing in the UK so far) across Feb to July. A lot of the shows also offer VIP Upgrades which include:

  • Meet n Greet (sic) with band member (will not include Ian Gillan)
  • Photo Op with band members (will not include Ian Gillan)
  • 1 Personal Item autographed
  • Exclusive VIP Merchandise – To Be Determined
  • Commemorative laminate & lanyard engraved with the price you paid for all this

Dates are on our 2023 Deep Purple Diary now started! Thanks to Mark Maddock.


5 Responses to “55 and counting”

  1. Ric Says:

    Has ian become too good for us little folks ?

  2. Finn Says:

    I still find it very strange that Gillan is not a part of VIP. It’s only a few minutes of his life. Can’t be that tough for him.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Ian Gillan’s feeling is that fans should not be charged to meet the group, so it’s partly a stand against that insidious trend.

  3. McMadd Says:

    Don’t thank me…find out which Cnut put me on the mailing list and terminate them with extreme prejudice!


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