BBC Sessions Listing

UPDATE September 2011 • The packaging is now just about done. The final release will appear as a regular two CD set, with a 12 page booklet. There is also a deluxe collectors box set edition. This has the sessions on two separate vinyl albums (Mk 1 and Mk 2), in single sleeves with special inner bags. There is an LP size booklet with comprehensive notes and photographs. The set also includes the material on CD, but in two separate paper covers, with different artwork. This box set is limited, and comes in a special cover, again with unique graphics (visual shown below). I’ve put together a PDF which shows some of the covers, which you can check out here: BBC Sessions Packaging. The file is about 1.4MB. The box set can be pre-ordered at DBOnline Store. We do not have a price on it yet, but EMI expect it to retail about the same price as other releases in this format, which means around the £95 mark.

Here is the final track listing for the 2CD edition:

CD 1

Top Gear June 1968
1. Hush (vsn one) (4.01)
2. One More Rainy Day (2.52)
3. Help (5.21)

Dave Symonds Show July 1968
4. And The Address (2.06)

Top Gear February 1969
5. Hey Bop A Re Bop (3.31)
6. Emmaretta (3.07)
7. Wring That Neck (4.42)
8. Brian Matthew interviews Rod Evans (1.27)
9. Hey Joe (4.02)
10.It’s All Over (4.14)

Sounds Like Tony Brandon Show July 1969
11. The Painter (vsn one) (2.18) 
12. Lalena (3.32)

Chris Grant’s Tasty Pop Sundae July 1969
13.The Painter (vsn two) (2.38)
14.I’m So Glad (3.12)
15.Hush (vsn four) (2.28)

CD 2

Symonds On Sunday August 1969
1. Ricochet (3.07)
2. Bird Has Flown (3.04)

Stuart Henry Noise At Nine November 1969
3. Speed King (3.25)
4. Jam Stew (aka John Stew) (3.56)

Mike Harding’s Sounds Of The Seventies April 1970
5. Hard Lovin’ Man (4.13)
6. Bloodsucker (3.17)
7. Living Wreck (vsn two) (2.57)

Transcription Service September 1969
8. Brian Matthew interviews Jon Lord/Black Night (1.35)
9. Black Night (3.28)
10.Grabsplatter (4.32)
11.Into The Fire (3.48)
12.Child In Time (10.48)

Deep Purple BBC Sessions vinyl box artwork

UPDATE June 2011. More work has been done on the BBC Sessions set, and we’re checking out revised test CDRs. There have been tweaks to the running order to avoid having two different versions of the same track next to each other too. Sleeve notes are sorted and we’re just haggling over costs on a few photographs at the moment.
In the meantime young Danny got in touch via this site wondering if he’d got some of the missing tracks… I love emails like that! He sent over some Mp3s to check.
Sadly we had to eliminate a couple as they were just different recordings of tracks we’d already got, but a full length version of Child In Time seemed more interesting. It certainly sounds like a session recording, and doesn’t appear to be live in front of a crowd. I have compared it to some of the likely suspects, thinking it might be the audio off Granada TV without the audience at the end for example, but not thrown up a match yet. I’ve passed it to a few others in case other ears spot something.
The other Mp3 was an undocumented version of Fireball. As this is introduced by Brian Matthews as being “live” (and hailed as from ‘the fastest band in the world’!) it is clearly from one of the BBC transcription records, yet the BBC archive has no listing for the group ever having cut this in session. Our thinking is that Danny had come across an audio for the band’s Top Of The Pops TV performance. Back then groups were not allowed to mime to records, but had to cut a facsimile version at the BBC first. Given that the Transcription guys were busy taking their own parallel feed out of numerous sessions to use on the BBC records, this seems to most likely explanation. As we all know the vision is still lost for this TV slot, but to have the audio is something. It’s very good quality too, so we’re angling for it to be included.

UPDATE Feb 18. Two tracks are being pressed as a very limited edition 7″ single for release on Record Store Day in April as a taster. We also took Marcus’s idea (comments below) of the vinyl to EMI and this is now a possibility, perhaps as a box with two separate discs, both in smart sleeves.

Here is the official session listing compiled for the CD along with the text which is going out to a few magazines in the hunt for the missing tracks. If collectors are able to give it a once over it would be appreciated. And if anyone has comments on alternate versions of any of the sessions which differ in edit or quality to those previously issued officially, do get in touch by posting a comment.

EMI are working on the first compilation of Deep Purple’s BBC Session recordings. A number of these have appeared over the years on remastered albums and box sets, but they have never been brought together on one release before. Through the efforts of Deep Purple’s first producer Derek Lawrence, the band secured their first session even before their first single had been released. Bands were assessed by an audition panel, which rated Deep Purple as an “enthusiastic, polished commercial group.” Certainly their session recordings are raw and powerful, as well as often throwing up early versions of tracks which wouldn’t be cut in the studio until much later – if ever.
As is well known, the BBC failed to archive many of their early pop sessions but thanks to the efforts of collectors and archivists, two sessions previously lost have been unearthed for this project, but the compilers are still searching for three sessions which are incomplete.
The band’s second session for the Dave Symonds show in July 1968 is missing altogether. The band did versions of Hush and One More Rainy Day (from their first album), It’s All Over (a Ben E King track), and the Neil Diamond track Kentucky Woman – the only time they played this at a session.
Also lost is their fourth session, cut for the  Tony Brandon show in February 1969. They taped versions of Emmaretta, Bird Has Flown, Hush and Hey Boppa Re Bop (which later became The Painter). A poor off-air cassette of this version of Hush is currently all which has been located.
The second line-up of the band have faired better, but still AWOL are two tracks cut for the Stuart Henry show and aired in September 1969, an early version of Speed King titled Kneel And Pray, along with a rare preview of their In Rock masterpiece Child In Time, which would not be available on album for another 8 months or so.
These recordings may survive as off-air reels or cassettes, or even pressed up on the BBC’s regular transcription albums sent out to radio stations abroad.  If anyone out there can help, the compilers would love to hear from you.
As well as the radio sessions, EMI are also preparing remasters of the band’s two In Concert programmes.

Deep Purple BBC Radio Sessions

underline = a recording survives

Deep Purple Mk 1:

[1] Top Gear : 30.06.68 [Rec : 18.06.68]

Hush (vsn one)  (not on CD before)
One More Rainy Day (vsn one)  (not on CD before)
Help  (not on CD before)

(And The Address (see note)  (not on CD before)

And The Address was not broadcast on Top Gear but may have been aired at the Set. 1969 repeat session and surviving off-air vsn probably sourced from that). It has an intro by DJ Dave Symonds.

[2] Dave Symonds show : 01-04.07.68 (one track per day) [Rec : 25.06.68]

Hush (vsn two)
One More Rainy Day (vsn two)
Kentucky Woman
It’s All Over (vsn one)

Session missing

[3] Top Gear (first four tracks) : 09.02.69 [Rec : 14.01.69]

Hey Boppa Re Bop*””
Wring That Neck””
Hey Joe”””
It’s All Over (vsn two)””

Repeated : 23.03.69 (all five tracks)

“”” released on ‘Shades Of Deep Purple’ remaster [2000]
“”released on ‘The Book Of Taliesyn’ remaster [2000]
“released on ‘Deep Purple’ remaster [2000]

[4] Tony Brandon show : 17-20.02.69 (one track per day) [Rec : 11.02.69]

Emmaretta (vsn two)
Bird Has Flown
Hush (vsn three)  (not on CD before)
Hey Boppa Re Bop (vsn two)

Off-air version of Hush survives with Brandon intro. Quality not great.
Rest missing.

[5] Sounds Like Tony Brandon show : 01/03/04.07.69 (one track per day) [Rec : 24.06.69]

The Painter (vsn one)”
I’m So Glad  (not on CD before)

“released on ‘Deep Purple’ remaster [2000]

[6] Chris Grant’s Tasty Pop Sundae : 06.07.69 [Rec : 30.06.69]

The Painter (vsn two)  (not on CD before)
I’m So Glad  (not on CD before)
Hush (vsn four)  (not on CD before)

recording now found (not released)

Deep Purple Mk 2

[7] Symonds On Sunday show : 17.08.69 [Rec : 11.08.69]

Bird Has Flown’

‘= released on Listen Learn Read On 6CD box set [2002]
Ricochet is an early version of Speed King

[8] Stuart Henry show : 07.09.69 [Rec : 29.08.69]

Kneel And Pray
Child In Time

Session lost. Kneel And Pray is an early version of Speed King

[9] Dave Cash show Radio 1 : 13-17.10.69 (one track a day) [Compiled : 28.09.69 REPEAT MATERIAL]

And The Address [1]
The Painter [5 or 6]
Child In Time [8]
Kneel And Pray [8]
Bird Has Flown [7]

[10] Stuart Henry Noise At Nine : 09.11.69 [Rec : 31.10.69]

Speed King’
Living Wreck (not on CD before)
Jam Stew’* (aka John Stew)

‘ = released on ‘Listen Learn Read On’ 6CD box set [2002]
Jam Stew here has lyrics. An unfinished instrumental studio version was recorded for Deep Purple In Rock

[11] Mike Hardings Sounds Of The Seventies : 28.04.70 [Rec : 21.04.70]

Hard Lovin’ Man’
Living Wreck’ (vsn two)

‘ =  released on ‘Listen Learn Read On’ 6CD box set [2002]

[12] [23.09.70]

Black Night’
Into The Fire’
Child In Time’

This session was not aired in the UK but recorded specially for the BBC Transcription Service. Grabsplatter BBC vsn first issued on New Live & Rare EP Oct 1980.
‘ = released on ‘Listen Learn Read On’ 6CD box set [2002] (” = also first released on ‘The Anthology’ (LP only) [1985])

[Thanks to Ken Garner ‘In Session Tonight’, Simon Robinson ‘Deep Purple Appreciation Society Magazine’. Nigel Young ‘Day By Night’. Brian Currin.]

39 Responses to “BBC Sessions Listing”

  1. Lee Says:

    The second cd is awesome. Definitely ‘bangs the head that doesn’t bang!’ Excellent work Simon.

  2. Roy Davies Says:

    Just got my copy and I’ve making a list of things to do in 2012……

    Number 1; get all those Led Zep Bonham-worshipping bores shut in a room for a day and continually play ‘Grasplatter’ at full blast…. and then ask them “who’s the Daddy now?”.

  3. Michiel Blijboom Says:

    So… this hasn’t got any material from ‘Rarest at BBC’s 1971’?
    That, by the way, is some kind of a semi-bootleg which I once bought in Madrid (but has ‘Made in Italy’ printed).

  4. Galeans Says:

    Looks amazing, thanks for all the effort! I look forward to hear session number 1!

    Will the tracks excluded (not the lost ones, stuff like “Hush (version 3)”) will ever be available anywhere? :-)

  5. Lee Says:

    What’s happening with the Remastered In Concert 1970/1972 with the 1970 in its original Mono?

    • simon robinson Says:

      There are various permutations being looked at Lee but it might not happen as a straightforward 70 / 72 set now. The release/s are planned for 2012.

  6. purpledaniel Says:

    Simon the purple cover with the faces on it will be also a slipcase for the double cd?

    • simon robinson Says:

      No, the regular 2CD has no special packaging. They blew all the budget on the box set (and I didn’t help, those rare pictures cost a fortune to license).

  7. andrew Says:

    Lets have some Slaves and Masters live cd/dvds instead of more same old stuff. Am I the only one who likes S&M? There (were) a lot live recordings done on that tour.

    • simon robinson Says:

      It’s true they did do some recording and filming, but I’ve no idea what the contractural (sorry, contractual) situation is. Only two guys from that line up are still in the band, so you’d have to approach all the others, and the manager. And the people who did the recordings. And possibly the record label at the time. And they’d all want advances.
      I’m sure you’re not the only one who’d be interested but not sure who would have the stamina for tackling it!

  8. Harold Michaels Says:

    One must not forget that needle time was still in practise at the BBC well into the 1970’s, hence the BBC had restrictions on how many records they could actually play. One way around this was to have the act re-record the song and that would be the version that would played across all shows in lieu of the single. The BBC could then claim exclusivity and it got around the needle time issue.

    What often happened was, many acts “cheated” by taking the original backing track, remixing it and adding a new vocal. It saved a lot of time and could be done quickly with the band in control as opposed to BBC engineers. This would have to be “approved” by a Musicians Union rep – the standard trick was to get into the studio an hour or so before the rep arrived then play him the “new” track, pretending they’d just recorded it that day and sure enough, they never twigged they were listening to the master recording with odd tweaks.

    I suspect the BBC version of “Fireball” was one of those quickie single replacement recordings… hence they used the same backing track we all know and Ian simply dubbed on a new vocal. I have never heard of the TOTP radio show ever using TV recordings on their shows though it is possible the band mimed to this recording on the TOTP TV show.

    • simon robinson Says:

      That’s an interesting story Harold! It was a it of a farcical situation at the time, but then one of the problems with all Unions during the 70s was an inability to move with the times (if they had the movement would have been far better placed to fight the Government later on). I’m pretty sure you’re right that the TOTPs radio show never used any of the special TOTPs TV show versions.

  9. purpledaniel Says:

    Hi Simon, I suppose the track listing is already done. When will you be able to tell us?
    Best regards

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’ll try and post this week Daniel, we were still making tweaks to one of the tracks last Wednesday after DPAS webman Dave Browne raised a point with me, and there was still a question about the running order to be sorted (EMI wanted to avoid having two versions of the same number together).

  10. Gary Critcher Says:

    …and I really like what you’ve done with the packaging. The subtle manipulation of the old EMI tape boxes looks great, also like that you’re going to use one of the TS disc labels too. Nice!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks Gary. Not sure EMI will wear the transcription label idea but we’ll see. As label printing is quite techie, and each pressing plant and record company have their own detailed requirements, I normally just send them a graphic and layout, and they add the required text.

  11. Gary Critcher Says:

    Young Gary?? I like that………..
    Now you mention it, I have a BBC version of T.Rex’s ‘Get It On’ which is the normal commercial recording, as a slightly different mix, without some of the stuff, i.e.the strings, but also with a new vocal on it. In fact, to make it obvious, Bolan included an extra two lines into the song (good ol’ Marc!). Maybe this is how the ‘live’ version situation was gotten over? If they added a new vocal, then it’s different to the record you could buy?

  12. Gary Critcher Says:

    Simon, re your comments about a ‘new’ recording of Fireball coming to light via young Danny. I’m SURE I have Fireball on a TS disc somewhere (I’m thinking with a Brian Matthew intro) and that it’s the commercial recording, nothing more. Do you have it on TS disc?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Check it out young Gary. We reckon there are some vocal nuances which sound a tad different to the commercial single. However it clearly is the studio recording rather than one done specially for the BBC. It would be interesting to know what the protocol for using material like this was, as BBC Sessioneers say there are example of other bands having studio tracks introduced as live. It was tempting to try and include, but would have been very difficult in licensing terms.

  13. Robert Lundgren Says:

    Hi Simon,
    About the missing first session version of Child In Time from 1969. Somewhere a long time ago I read that it was hearing this version of this song that got Andrew Lloyd Webber interested in Ian Gillan for the Jesus Christ Superstar project. A shot in the dark of course, but who knows, but perhaps Lloyd Webber has it on tape and/or acetate?
    Speaking of Jesus Christ Superstar – internet information says there was a concert version being performed at the time of the release of the album at St. Paul’s Cathedral on October 27 1970. If so, was Ian Gillan on stage as Jesus?
    Robert Lundgren

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’m pretty sure IG didn’t do the live show Robert. The story that Tony Edwards told me (and others, it was one of his favourites!) was that he biked round an acetate of the still not released In Rock master of CIT for Lloyd Webb to check out. I wonder if he still has that?!
      There was one report at the time saying members of Deep Purple did take part in the recording of the movie soundtrack, but as we have never found any confirmation (and the album sleeve has no mention) we assume this was an option which they turned down. IG as we know was offered a part in the film but turned that down.

      • Monika Says:

        IG has replied to a similar question on his Caramba website a while ago, and he has stated clearly that he never took part in any live performances of JCS.

  14. Danny Fox Says:

    Simon, sitting in my office listening to odds and sods, and I have just heard a live version of Fireball recorded in the studio and introduced by Brian Matthews of the BBC as a live version. It doesn’t appear to on your list!

    • simon robinson Says:

      That’s because according to all available information at the BBC this track was never recorded there in session! So I’m not sure exactly what this is. But would certainly be interested to find out more. Unless of course you had slipped into some sort of reverie and imagined it all. In the past I’ve had dreams listening to entire DP sets in the 70s including new tracks. How frustrating is that? I really ought to take more drugs. Or even some.

  15. Brian Currin Says:

    Thank you for the “thanks to” … who would have guessed that a South African who never ever heard the BBC could have something to contribute!


  16. Galeans Says:

    Man, I can’t wait to hear this. I had always looked for the first two sessions, which were thought lost (and was never able to find them, either).

    You have found at least session 1 and I’m terribly excited. I look foward to hear “One More Rainy Day”, which has always been one of my favourite tunes

    Cheers to you, Simon and I hope you’ll find the missing material. Even if you don’t, this will still be a major exciting release anyway!!

  17. ian ellis Says:

    Can’t wait for this release as it is long over due. Also it will have good sounding versions as against the dodgy sounding tapes I have.

  18. purpledaniel Says:

    The BBC sessions project looks very exciting. I insist I like the cover photo!
    I know this is not the right place to ask but what is happening with the Mk IV doc?
    It was supposed to be released in early 2011. Any news on this?

    • simon robinson Says:

      You wait til you see the shot Tonny has turned up for us to chase for the vinyl edition!
      On the Mk 4 DVD I’m still a bit confused myself to be honest, and unsure which of the discoveries turned out to be what they claimed and which not. It looks like it will have an audio component, possible a Mk 4 live set from various previous sources but possibly a few new bits.

      • purpledaniel Says:

        Be sure to include that Tonny pic at least on the cd booklet then!
        I guess that Eagle Records is preparing this docco…

      • simon robinson Says:

        No it’s not on Eagle, I think they got caught by low sales on the last one.

  19. Jerry Says:

    One important session appears to be missing from this list:

    Recording date: Thursday 6th February 1969
    Venue: Birmingham Top Rank Suite
    Tracks: unknown
    First broadcast: ‘Radio 1 Club’, Thursday 6th February 1969

    Also, not listed here are the two interviews done with Evans (Jan ’69) and Lord (Sept ’70), which I think should be included. Plus for the sake of completion, I think the Top Of The Pops recordings should be also as they do differ to the record versions. And whilst on the subject of TV, they also recorded a track in Jan ’69 for Late Night Line-Up, but I don’t know which one.

    • simon robinson Says:

      To try and answer all questions in one hit (partly because I’ve been a bit behind with the blog for a week – trying to paint our living room ceiling is getting priority!); the Radio One Club session I left off the list as a different sort of show, live rather than in the studio, a bit like the In Concerts. But it needs to be mentioned. Though sadly any chance of it turning up now would seem to be a slim one – Episode Six were so lucky in having someone organised enough to record their Radio One Club sets off air…
      Rod and Jon chats may be included. A longer cut of the Jon Lord interview has turned up, some ten minutes or so.
      On quality, our thought was to have the best stuff in order and then put any different but poorer ones in a bonus section at the end. I know when I got the Groundhogs BBC set I was fed up as they kicked off with some really poor recordings (with no warning either!). I must admit I love the DJ intros for the context they give (though it would be lovely to have all the tracks without too). Some are so integral to the surviving recording that to lop them off would lose quite a lot.
      Two separate vinyl volumes, how cool would that be? I will certainly suggest it.
      We have tried several times to get EMI to do some Ltd Ed. EPs and singles but the market is smaller than makes sense for them economically. Even the New Live & Rare EP series was pushing it and that was a long time ago.
      Top Of The Pops Black Night alt take is already out I think, and whilst it would be good to add, I think it would make the license difficult as it crosses into other areas. Is the Fireball TOTPs audio about?
      I will add running times when the project is more advanced, I was waiting until we get the new sessions timed.
      Obviously EMI is in transition as a company right now, but for the moment the hope is to keep ploughing on so this shouldn’t affect this set.

  20. Mike Kearns Says:

    Hi Simon. Thanks for all the fantastic work you and research you have done for this compilation of BBC material. The BBC sessions have always been a favourite of mine going right back to the early 1980’s when I was big into tape trading and always looking out for something that was new or a different version than what I already had in my collection. I’m sure I still have a tape with Hush & And The Address on from that Bandstand radio show, not the best quality but great versions. Are these the same as versions listed here or different? the tape with these on originated from a collector in Poland if memory serves me right.

    Do you intend releasing all the sessions, even the poor quality ones? I for one would love to have all of this in one collection even if the quality of some of it is not the best.

    Congratulations on a great project and I hope the missing parts turn up somewhere.

  21. the Baron Says:

    Hi Simon, would it be possible to put the sessions out as 2 seperate vinyl LPs. It would be great to have seperate Mk 1 & Mk 2 vinyl LPs. Then you could design 2 covers! A glorious Mk 1 cover with photo of the lads in their finest dandy purple velvet clobber (flipback sleeve/ on yellow & black Parlophone label) . Plus a grittier early 70’s cover photo of Mk 2 (textured sleeve & no emi Harvest label). I would even suggest releasing a couple of 7″ promo only EPs. EMI could target the growing circuit of mod vinyl DJs/buffs with a Mk 1 EP. Track list; the painter, one more rainy day, and the address & hush, of course. Could even mimick the Australian/ N Zealand EP cover for this one.
    Thanks mate, the Baron.

  22. David Says:

    Hi Simon,
    Are you going to include the transcription disc interiews with Rod Evans and Jon Lord? And what about the studio version of Black Night taped for Top Of The Pops on TV? (A new version of Black Night was recorded on 7th Sept 1970, two days before the band’s appearance on the show).

  23. Karl-Heinz Says:

    This will be a great collection. I hope for long, that these recordings will be released alltogether.

    “Hey Joe” released on ‘Shades Of Deep Purple’ remaster [2000] misses the “Bolero”-intro, which is to be found on some bootlegs. I think this would be a nice edition. Is the “Bolero”-recording-tape found?

    For me it would be intresting to have both versions – with annd without the old DJ-speeces, because I think the DJ annoncements have a historic context…..

    I realy looking foreward.


  24. Nigel Young Says:

    Weren’t you going to add the running times?

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