Candles in the wind

The saga of the Deep Purple BURN candles is well known to most Darker Than Blue readers and subscribers. However the good news is I finally managed to track down the owner of the company the other day. He’s been up to his eyes in film work (his expertise is in demand for authentic hand made candles seen in period dramas and films like Harry Potter) but we have at last got the ball rolling again. Apparently one of the moulds was also causing trouble (do you want to guess which one? You’d be right!) and this is being sorted. 

So what I will do is keep updating the story here, and then when we finally have confirmed shipping dates, announce it more formally on the website. In the meantime here’s a small picture of the set on the special display card. You can read more on the web already, I’ll get the correct link sorted and post here shortly, and in Issue 57 of Darker Than Blue magazine.

Now I think I’ll sneak another smell of the samples; every time I lift the lid on the storage box I’m reminded of Christmas!

Deep Purple Burn Candles set

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