Rick Eustace

When I attended Merivale High School in Ottawa, Ontario, back in the early 70’s, we were treated – we had D.J. (of sorts) play music during our lunch breaks through the Cafeteria PA system. This was usually just one album at a time, and one of the albums was Shades of Deep Purple.  I still remember
people howling along at the beginning of Hush.  Unfortunately I never knew who the band was at this time.
Another album they played a few years later was the classic Made In Japan and this prompted me to go out and buy it. The album also started an interest
in playing guitar (just like every other teenage boy on the planet) and now
after 35 years practicing I can play all of Smoke on the Water, not just the
After Made in Japan I slowly started to obtain the whole collection of Deep Purple, and to my delight, I rediscovered the wolf howl!
Rick Eustace
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

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