Letters to the Editor

Hello Simon and Ann,
My wife and I went to Tallinn in Estonia over the February half-term holiday.  A beautiful place, best visited in the winter and not at a weekend to avoid the British stag-do’ers (should such a word exist)!
We walked into a “medieval themed” restaurant called the Peppersack on the first evening.  “Medieval style” music was gently issuing forth from the “medieval” speakers (probably Celestion Ditton 15’s, but they could have been 44’s).  “Blimey”, as I almost never say, “Blackmore’s Night would go down well here”.
My prescience was rewarded as the whole of the Fires at Midnight album then came on.  Laugh? I could have wept.  What a dreadful album, apart from the guitar solo in the eponymous track.  I almost choked on my herring with sour cream, onion and rye-bread, basturma chops, smoked pork tongue, dill pickle, marinated onion and mushrooms as the fragrant Candice murdered the vowels in “soopuurstayshun plagued the air”.
It’s a funny old world……..
Regards, Mark Bulldeath

2 Responses to “Letters to the Editor”

  1. Alan Says:

    Saw your mention of NME on one of the blog comments/replies, and how you still enjoy reading late 60’s/early 70’s NME. I wondered, maybe you still have copies of Sounds newspaper?
    If so, I had four letters I think printed in Sounds, but have long since lost them. I think at least 2 were on the subject of Nazareth, with a couple of replies from fellow readers in support of me in the following week’s Letter’s Page against a Sounds journalist with the surname “Ingham”, another on the subject of UFO. Bit of a long shot, but….

    • simon robinson Says:

      I don’t have many earlier issues of Sounds Alan, mostly NME and Melody Maker. Some from the 80s sat in boxes if anybody wants them… The only place you could try is the British Library, but no idea what their access policy is these days (you certainly cannot turn up at their music section building as we used to do in London, because they shut it).

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