Machine Head at 40

Roger Glover Deep Purple-1971-MONTREUX Machine Head

Two years ago I drew up a proposed wish list of releases to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Machine Head. Kicking off in December 2011 there would be something new and different each month; twelve inch singles, prints, books, special album editions, etc. Sadly for various reason most of this never happened but some releases are at last coming together. I’ll try and keep you updated here.


This has now been officially announced and you can read list of tracks / bands on the link above. Expect this September then in-stores early October (see below)


This is a special edition of the magazine built around the Tribute Album above. They will tell the Mk 2 story focused on the Machine Head album, as well as talk to all the bands and musicians involved in the cover versions. Release date September 4. 1972. Sorry, 2012.


EMI announced details of their 40th Anniversary Edition on Aug 13, which comprise a 5 disc box set, two vinyl editions and a regular 1CD version. The box set has CD1: ‘MACHINE HEAD’ ORIGINAL ALBUM NEW 2012 REMASTER, CD2: 1997 ROGER GLOVER REMIX, CD3: QUAD SQ STEREO (2012 REMASTER), CD4: IN CONCERT ’72 (2012 MIX), Disc 5 Audio DVD: ‘MACHINE HEAD’ 4.1 (plus slipcase, digipaks, 64 page book). There are also special 2LP vinyl versions of Machine Head remaster and In Concert remix, both of which include 7″ vinyl goodies for collectors. Lastly there’s a regular 1CD version of the remaster. To avoid repetition, I have added full details of the set on our review page.

Deep Purple Machine Head 40th Anniversary box set


A rerelease of the Denmark 1972 film in upgraded picture and audio quality and on blu-ray for the first time.


A projected book on the Story Of Smoke On The water. This reached something like 250,000 words and began to get a bit out of hand. So instead there will be a book of the same name but which focuses on the Making of Machine Head, a follow up to the Wait For A Ricochet book (which looked in details at Deep Purple In Rock). Fire In The Sky will be published in 2015 through Easy On The Eye Books. There is a mailing list button on their site so you can receive news on the title.

4 Responses to “Machine Head at 40”

  1. Dave Stoddard Says:

    Great news about the book – im really looking forward to reading this. Something new at last to add to an important event in the bands history.

  2. Michiel Says:

    Now what would be REALLY surprising? Let me think… Yes, a tribute album without Glenn Hughes!

  3. Jeff/Over the hIll Says:

    I would just like to say that you (Simon) have provided us with so much great material over the years. Purple fans have been pretty lucky to get these different releases.

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