There are a number of Deep Purple related book projects on going, so thought it would be sensible to list these together along with links.

Barry Plummer Deep Purple photo book

DEEP PURPLE – THE BARRY PLUMMER ARCHIVES.  A great photo book which draws on the archives of the Melody Maker photographer. It covers the years 1971 through to 1974 with some classic live material, as well as a few odds and ends. The photographs are put in context with adverts, memorabilia and detailed notes.  The publishers ST33Books have a dedicated subscription list and send out updates and special offers.  It is due out winter 2015.  You can find the link for this on our site.

JON LORD – ALL THOSE YEARS AGO. The Photographic Biography – Read the press release and find links to the publisher.

DEEP PURPLE – WAIT FOR THE RICOCHET – Published in early 2014, this book looks in details at a key period in the band’s history (and the formation of their most important line-up) from 1969 and 1970 and details the making of their groundbreaking album, Deep Purple In Rock. Lots of rare pics and memorabilia. CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT.

DEEP PURPLE – CALIFORNIA JAM 1974 – You can read the details here and find a link to order.

WHITESNAKE – THE DEFINITIVE BIOGRAPHY – You can read a review and comments on the site.

GRAHAM BONNET – THE STORY BEHIND THE SHADES – A new, detailed and very readable account of Bonnet’s sometimes turbulent rock and roll career.

DEEP PURPLE – FIRE IN THE SKY – Following the format of the Ricochet book, this title covers in depth the making of Machine Head, including the remarkable events surrounding the recording an the aftermath of their biggest studio album. More details to follow.

If you know of any upcoming books worth including, or any of the links are broken, please get in touch.


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