California Jam Photo Book

David Coverdale signing the California Jam limited edition book

“Say ‘Here’s a song for ya that’s been on Ritchie’s Revox for a couple of years and… smile!'” David Coverdale’s team captured him signing the pages for the California Jam Photo Book late last year, and here he is doing it to prove the fact. There are also now TWO copies signed by Blackmore, as Coverdale called him up and asked if he would sign one for his lad. We can do no better than let the man himself explain: “Richie, God bless him, has just signed the big “California Jam” book for my son and his beautiful wife Candice was very gracious in sending it back to me. In fact, let me tell you this. I´m sitting next to Doug Aldrich and I´m e-mailing on my iPad with Richie and my iPhone suddenly gets a text from Jimmy Page, and Doug Aldrich goes “Fuck man! Nobody on the planet can say they´re e-mailing Richie Blackmore and texting Jimmy Page at the same fucking time!”. Richie said to say hi to Jimmy and Jimmy sent a hello back and I was like an international fucking operator here.” (laughs)

Deep Purple California Jam first look

Update March 8 2013 • The California Jam Photo Biography book project took a twist recently. As most fans probably know, the special edition was signed by four of the band (including Jon), with a donation from each sale destined for Jon’s chosen charity. Ritchie Blackmore was approached by the publishers, but declined to join in. However he did agree to sign ONE copy and eventually this sheet found it’s way back to the publisher. This has now been bound into a one-off edition of the book, and has been donated to Jon’s family. The plan is that this unique copy will be auctioned by them later in the year, possibly to tie in with the memorial concert in October, with all the proceeds going to the charity. I’m told that one or two well heeled individuals have already expressed an interest.

Deep Purple California Jam book signed by Ritchie Blackmore

Update Dec 10th • We have a preview of the book on the site now, with a slideshow option to see how some of the spreads look for real.

Deep Purple California Jam Photo Biography signature edition coverUpdate Dec 3rd • The California Jam book is now on the litho presses and binding is set to commence later this week. Simon was down at the printers last week to watch the presses roll and will report shortly. However please note that the signed edition is close to selling out, so move if you want to grab one.

UPDATE : OCTOBER 22. 2012. RS Publishing have released the news that the upcoming book Deep Purple – California Jam – The Photo Biography [signature edition] has been signed by four members of Deep Purple Mk 3. As we know, originally Jon Lord signed pages just weeks before his death. Having heard about this, Ian Paice signed copies as well. From there the word spread and a fortnight ago David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes came on board to add their signatures. The publishers have contacted all people who pre-ordered to let them know the exciting news a few days ago (we’ve had to sit on this for days!). It’s unprecedented in Deep Purple history and as we know one which sadly can never be repeated.
In the meantime the book layout and photo selection process is now well underway and we hope to be able to show approved page layouts before long.

UPDATE : OCTOBER 17. 2012. Amazing developments on the book front confirmed to me on Monday this week. There should be an official announcement from the publisher any day, just as soon as they get over their jet-lag… In the meantime shown ABOVE is the prototype of the signature edition.

UPDATE : OCTOBER 2. 2012. Details of the limited edition signed by Jon were sent out last Friday and it had half sold out by the end of the weekend. Please trust me on this if you are having doubts as there will be more announcements in the next fortnight which will make this a really unique item.

UPDATE : September 21. 2012. We are able to announce the news that a special edition of this book will be available signed by Jon Lord. It has been a hugely difficult decision by the publishers how to handle this announcement as you will understand. Jon signed the pages sat in his kitchen while playing some of his favourite classical music…  After talking to members of Jon’s family and his manager, this edition will proceed and a donation to a cancer charity will be made in his memory. From what I understand, Jon was quite poorly at the time so Mark at the publishers suggested cancelling the signing, but Jon said he was determined to do it. A newsletter explaining more is going out to all those who pre-registered and they will be given the first option on what will be a unique and very special edition. You can read more about the book using the link below.

NEWS • A massive book on Deep Purple at The California Jam has been officially announced. 300 pages of rare and unpublished photographs, plus memorabilia and more, along with a lengthy historical text. The book is being co-ordinated by DTB. I think that arguably Deep Purple’s most famous concert deserved appropriate treatment  and the more people I contacted the more material began to turn up. One photographer alone is contributing over 150 shots many of which haven’t been seen before. Both the guy who had to give Blackmore the countdown and the ABC cameraman have been traced for a chat. There are some amazing documents as well from the archives of a noted American collector, from the initial booking of the band to the bills to repair the camera. Obviously working with a third party to publish the Whitesnake biography was a bit of a learning experience, so on this one we plan to have both the impressive big format hardback edition and a more affordable version, and orders will not be taken until we’re happy it is on schedule.
In the meantime there will be progress reports here the publisher’s have set up a special webpage:  – where you can register an interest in the book, get updates and also pre-release price deals nearer the time. The plan is to have it out in the Autumn.As always, anyone with any material about the show is welcome to get in touch, whether you were there as a fan in the crowd or working on the crew.

71 Responses to “California Jam Photo Book”

  1. Martti Pesso Says:

    I’m really glad I ordered the sig-edition. It is currently sold out and you’ll never get another…Jon won’t be there to sign anymore. Wish there would be a way to get Ritchie sign the page….but perhaps never.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Apparently one brave soul took the book backstage at a UK show on the recent tour, and was pointedly told that RB would not sign it.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Never mind the 5 signature version, the 70 quid shipping cost of the ‘ordinary’ sig version to the States is giving me pause!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Sadly the cost of shipping anything has rocketed over the last three years; it costs 15 quid just to mail an album over to America now and this book weighs an awful lot more.

      • Andrew Says:

        I hear you but really, that’s $100 to me on shipping alone which takes the polish of the purchase. Just seems excessive, I’d happily pay less and wait for longer delivery.

      • simon robinson Says:

        I’m not even sure anyone still offers the old ‘sea mail’ options which were a lot cheaper (years ago we used to be able to offer dual rates on larger goods to help people out). If you ever holiday over here you’ll have to purchase in the UK and fly it back with you!

  3. Ian Douglas Says:

    Re the fully-signed Edition (thanks Ritchie we knew you would come through) – does anyone know what Edition # it is actually? Would it be #1?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’ll try and find out. Given that RS were trying to get RB on board before it went to press, they may have kept back book number 001 just in case, so this could be the one given to the charity.

      • Ian Douglas Says:

        Thanks Simon, Mark from Rufus Stone got back to me immediately and yes it is #1! Apparently extended negotiations but worth it in the end – thanks all and for the fantastic book!

  4. Ian Douglas Says:

    What is wrong with this Mr. Lifeshine? Far be it from me to censor but let’s have sensible contributions or at least something people can ponder, assess and reply?! Perhaps he needs to be gently steered in another direction for example the railway preservation society?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Careful Ian, you touch on railway heritage at your peril in Britain! Is there anyone out there with experience of steaming up the original garden scale Hornby Stephenson’s Rocket? I have a spare, but too chicken to try it without guidance…

  5. Scott Lifshine Says:

    As much as you try to trample “the Wereo” I must say that at least you have the stones to publish what I say on this little website of yours. And of course what I say is the Truth and I’m swimming in a sea of lies. Perhaps lying gets more attention than the Truth.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas to all you Wereolovers as well you should be if you like California Jam even a little. However, let’s leave it at that because we are hereby going in two different directions…your vision of California Jam, and mine.

  6. Scott Lifshine Says:

    Getting rid of the Caljam sages-

    Looks like we’ll just have to get rid of all the California Jam sages due to their non-cooperation with the California Jam Wereo. Yes, the Wereo is this strong.

    Say hello to the whole new generation of California Jam Wereoluvers.

    Thank you, Scott Lifshine.

  7. Harry Heathman III Says:

    I ordered my Signature Edition within 5 minutes I received their email. Can’t wait. Saw Mark III in Kansas City, MO in August 1974. Elf was one of the backup bands. GOD BLESS JON LORD. I love you Jon, sadly missed. You were and still after THE GREATEST.

  8. collins Says:

    Regarding this Cal book Jon’s signature… (I) really don’t understand all this blaming & polemics, it’s music business so we all are aware that Jon Lord was deeply involved in selling records, concerts etcetera. It was his life as rock musician, it was his job. He belongs to the music and, consequently, to the business world. I can’t see sincerely where’s the problem…

  9. Mårten Says:

    It’s not everyday you buy a book at this price, but now I have done it once, at least … Really looking forward to this. I was wondering about the album, has it been upgraded in any way and will it contain dialogue which was not on the Purple Records version? I’ve always missed David’s intro speech which is so nice …

    • simon robinson Says:

      The vinyl pressing will be based on the previous audio, so no between song patter. This is because of the contracts.

      • Petri Myllyla Says:

        How do I find the coupon code? Can’t remember that post where it has been. I’m a DPAS member. Send it to me, please.

      • simon robinson Says:

        Petri, I can’t find it either! Order the book, and send a note asking for the discount as you’re a DTB customer. I have emailed the publisher to tell them. I’m not sure if the discount applies now but if it does they will pass it on.

  10. Rex Says:

    Might have known which member had not signed the book…

  11. Scott W. Says:

    The ‘Wierdo’ has spoken…

  12. andy Says:

    Great book… but a bit keen on the price. Also would be nice if Mr Blackmore would have put his sig on the book.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I think they asked!

      • Martti Pesso Says:

        What would RB say if this book was taken with to some meeting of the BN-band’s concert….would he spit on it?

      • simon robinson Says:

        I personally would NOT recommend this. I have seen him tear up record sleeves, destroy photos, and other stuff people gave him to sign. I remember one Rainbow show a roadie taking half a dozen pics of ours backstage to see if he’d sign them. Three came out, nicely signed. Asking about the others, we were told he didn’t like the pics and had torn them up! And while losing a few pics is one thing… So if you do try it, leave it in the car and ask first.

  13. Scott Says:

    Can you give me instructions on how to preorder a book please?

  14. Scott Lifshine Says:

    How ridiculous. You are “no longer allowed to show images” yet this whole (book) is based on images. And where are all the heated replies to your change in policy?

    • simon robinson Says:

      No scam, just that the photographer hadn’t agreed secondary use on the material outside the publishers site. Hopefully we can restore once they’ve sorted things out.

  15. Ian Zinkermann Says:

    Does anyone know where this Lifshine lives? Does anyone know him?

    • allen pamplin Says:

      Yes, Lifshine lives in The Bronx, New York. He recorded three parts of the 1974 California Jam from the original air date in 1974 from an FM radio station. He thinks he is the only one in the world who has recorded the show, and that it has magical qualities. He has dubbed himself a deity and since then is rumoured to have annointed himself with peanut butter oil. He also claims to control all sound in the universe, and we should all worship his recording which he calls “the wereo” (NoWhereo). Anytime there is a worthwhile venture connected with the California Jam he will chase and bark at it. However, the man has some entertainment value, especially the reactions of an unsuspecting Disc Jockey on a radio show, who after a couple minute of interviewing Lifshine cut him off the show and said “What the hell was that”!

      • simon robinson Says:

        Thanks for this Allen. I guess the idea of trying to start some kind of new religion around the recordings is worth a go, might be able to get some celebrities to join in and send tons of money (hello Madonna). It kind of sounds like what Joe Meek went through towards the end, though in Joe’s case he clearly did channel all the sound in the universe…

      • Scott Lifshine Says:

        The reason I recorded only the first three segments of California Jam is because I live in a tough neighborhood and would’ve got beat up if I recorded the fourth. Yes, the new religion bases upon Lifshine I agree with that. I am the only one who matters in and around the cameras. Get real in life all of you. The Wereo is the Way therefore there is no other way. Stand by for some REAL California Jam news-not play news. Some people strive to keep the Gig dead; whilst I try to revive it. Ye must rewrite the Universe around the Lifshine.

      • simon robinson Says:

        Hang in there Scott and we hope to convert you yet!

  16. Dok Says:

    Shame on you, Simon. You want sell everything even our memory about Jon. Good but bad smelly business. Even after you covered it by ‘cancer donations, blah blah blah’. Well, take autographs from other band members and wait when they will pass. You’ll make more money from this ‘project’.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Hmm, sorry you feel this way Dok. None of it is true needless to say but if it helps you by getting it off your chest. Jon was adamant that he wanted to do the signing even when we offered to cancel the meeting. The price of the book was set even before he signed it (based on the physical production costs of something this special along with those of licensing photographs at a commercial rate, paying contributors, etc.). Jon’s family have had meetings with the publisher who has been guided by their wishes.
      I guess you’ll be able to wait for for a nasty Russian pirate copy cheap next year.

      • Dok Says:

        Thank you for explanation, though your last sequence not so correct, because I didn’t complain about price. I can buy original too. But anyway, I’m pretty sure, this way of business is out of decency. Does they collect autographs from other band members? As we know, only Jon’s signatures were gathered for sale. So, I sure they planned out good selling after his death. It’s important. All things you told about – its ok but…

      • simon robinson Says:

        You’re 100% wrong Dok as you will find out in the next few days. Or at least 80% wrong.

    • dima Says:

      Dok is right I think. One point I disagree – I guess (I) need to blame Rufus, not you personally. Anyway, its clearly obvious – selling ‘something personal’ from passed people was planned (as a) marketing course. I would hesitate even to ask Jon’s family about it but it’s just my opinion.

      • simon robinson Says:

        We’re all entitled Dima; but should the publisher have thrown Jon’s signed pages away after he’d specially asked to do them? Should they have shelved Jon’s new Concerto for the same reason?

  17. Bill Bass Says:

    Ordered the LE Edition on Friday, also intrigued as to else will be in it….. Thanks for the effort on this.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Frankly the further extras will make the cover price seem cheap, believe me.

  18. Ian Douglas Says:

    I’ve ordered and very much looking forward to this. I’d love to encourage Rufus Stone to do a ‘Deep Purple’ book on the original period 1968-1976 and also one on Tommy Bolin.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Both are in development Ian, along with other titles.

      • Martti Pesso Says:

        (I) hesitated purchasing this but when I got over the decision to purchase the cheapest version, I changed my mind to buy the signature version as a 50th birthday gift for myself. The shipping cost was a bit high… so adding something extra to the package would be nice!

      • simon robinson Says:

        Trouble is, that would jack the shipping cost up even further! Postage rates are utterly scary these days, one major factor in halting DTB Magazine. We’re at the stage where shipping is sometimes more expensive than the goods now. However, the publisher did say they have some extras planned for the book, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  19. - Henrik Says:

    Will the book be available as download?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Hush your mouth Henrik! Actually there are plans to have an ebook version at some stage, but it’s a good way off.

  20. Scott Lirfshine Says:

    How much SENSE does it make that Jon can sign something that doesn’t exist? That hasn’t even been published yet? That’s a feat no author in history has ever been able to accomplish yet.

  21. Dave Binnie Says:

    Got mine ordered. The great Jon Lord’s signature and all. Great work people.

  22. allen pamplin Says:

    Hi Simon, will Deep Purple’s California Jam double album be available separately?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’m not sure Allen, I wouldn’t count on it as it was quite difficult to clear the license even for just vinyl.

  23. Anthony Latz Says:

    Is this to be the ultimate coffee table book? Even after all the hardship here in Christchurch NZ, I will have no qualms investing in this book as it will be towards a charity chosen by an artist that has given me so much pleasure during many decades

  24. Scott W. Says:

    Man, I thought I could be a douchebag… What is this Shoeshine’s problem?!

  25. Scott Lifshine Says:

    Is this the book where you learn how to California Jam c*cks*ck by the numbers?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Come again Scott?

      • Heimdall Says:

        This is the crazy person who destroyed the AMDP newsgroup years ago with his frantic ramblings about Cal Jam…

      • simon robinson Says:

        Given the astonishing level of drug availability at the show – this began outside the gates, carried on through the car park and on into the arena – I’m surprised even more people haven’t suffered over the years as a result! I’ve just been writing this section of the book up, and it as a real eye-opener for someone who went to gigs here in the Northern UK where a smuggled in beer or spliff was about as heavy as it got. Mind you I do sort of envy them the SoCal girl streakers…

    • Scott Lifshine Says:

      Don’t talk back to me, son.

      I have said it. Thus it is said and deemed to have been said. There is nothing but the Wereo now.

    • Scott Lifshine Says:

      What a wolly.

  26. Arjen Says:

    Pretty cool. So a must have for me for sure…..but…the upgraded DVD. Since I already own 3 verions or so I wondered why just an “upgraded” DVD and not just do it right and release an ultimate Blu Ray version?

  27. Ian Douglas Says:

    Count me in this will be superb (as was the Whitesnake one) – looking forward too to concert audio and visual updates/discs. Thanks for this!!!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’m going to try and make this even better than the Whitesnake one, as it’s more of a visual book than a text based one.

  28. Scott Says:

    This sounds great! Release date autumn of what year?! He, He..

    • simon robinson Says:

      Cheeky! We’ve learned lessons over the long delay on the Whitesnake book (which to be fair wasn’t all down to me), which is why we have just announced the Cal Jam title at this stage. But it is well on the way and we are fairly confident of hitting 2012. The response has been amazing in just a few days with over 500 people registering.

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