Wait For The Ricochet (2nd ed.)

Deep Purple – Wait For The Riochet

In Rock book cover, Wait For The Ricochet.

Telling the story of Mk 2’s formation and the recording of In Rock.

REVIEWS – lots of press and reviews for the book on the publisher’s website.

FEB 2017 • This title sold out in just a couple of months when first printed in 2014 but the publishers tell us they are at long last getting a second edition published and the plan is for this to ship in April 2017. The book will be substantially the same but some typos will be corrected along with a few other tweaks.

A slideshow of a dozen or so preview pages is now available on the publisher’s site.

Deep Purple Wait For The Ricochet pages

Deep Purple In Rock is not only the band’s most important album but proved to be a milestone in the history of rock music, influencing countless groups and musicians in the four decades since it first appeared. It not only defined the band’s new direction, but firmly established Deep Purple as one of the biggest rock bands of the seventies (and beyond). It also laid the groundwork for the successful and artistically creative period which followed.
Upheaval within the group in mid-1969, coupled with indifference to their earlier work had left them almost unknown in Europe. It was only with a change in personnel and a determined period of intense rehearsing, writing and gigging that they managed to reverse their fortunes.
Deep Purple became an extraordinarily impressive live act, with a strong improvisational spirit flowing through their concerts, setting them apart from many of their contemporaries. The band’s approach to recording took its cue from these shows, drawing on their live experiences to develop the album. Ian paice: “Purple should never have worked. Basically we had five egomaniacs. There was just a magical chemistry. I can’t think of any other band that’s been allowed that much freedom for all the members to do exactly what they wanted.”
Deep Purple In Rock took almost a full year from inception to release. As such it remains both a remarkable snapshot of the band at that time, as well as a reflection of a very prolific and progressive period in the British underground scene as the psychedelic sixties gave way to the more aggressive and focussed rock music of the seventies.
This book opens with the dismissal of two of the original members and the search for replacements in 1969, then covers their early rehearsals, concerts and recording sessions in detail. The story carries on through 1970 as the band experience the early highs of widespread chart success with the album and hit single Black Night, as well as the lows of riots, illness and sheer exhaustion. Bringing the strands of the story together for the first time along with unseen material, rare photographs, chart details, concert listings and new research, we provide a detailed narrative of this crucial phase of Deep Purple’s career. Jon Lord was interviewed specifically for the book by Stephen Clare (and the book is dedicated to Jon). Roger Glover has also provided new insights on the writing of the album and Ian Gillan offers a fresh look at Child In Time. Studio personnel, former managers and others have also contributed.
Today, it is generally acknowledged that the story of hard rock (or heavy metal) owes it’s origins to the triumvirate of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. The first two have been more than adequately catered for in print. This book restores the balance.

Authors: Simon Robinson / Stephen Clare.  A couple of years back Darker Than Blue reader Stephen Clare suggested a book bringing together all the sleeve notes Simon had done over the years.  Out of those discussions came instead the idea of concentrating on one specific period of the band’s history, and this book is the result.

Price : the book is published by Easy On The Eye Books, and a special agreement has been reached where Darker Than Blue readers can pre-order at a discount on the full price via the publisher’s site (it will be in bookshops later in 2017).

ISBN : 978-0-9561439-6-9.  168 pages, full colour, plus covers. Printed in Europe, buy now before the idiots pull us out and the prices all go up.

52 Responses to “Wait For The Ricochet (2nd ed.)”

  1. Stuart Roberts Says:

    Appreciate I’m very late to this thread, but just got back from holiday where I had finally got round to reading the book. Simon, just wanted to express my appreciation to both you and Stephen for producing such a great piece of work. I loved the detail and in particular the attention given to the creative process. I’m no musician so I only understood about one word in ten on the technical detail but this didn’t matter because it was still fascinating. As a non-musician I was just taken by the obvious intricacy of the work the guys were doing and the, clearly mind boggling, standard of their musicianship.

    It also made me reflect on what I thought of ‘In Rock’. My conclusion was, that I consider it to be probably the most important album they have ever made. However, I don’t think it would make my top 5 in terms of favourites. I think it was of its time, and hasn’t aged as well as a lot of their other work. You reference the ‘important but of its time point’ in the book yourself, however I don’t think that keeps it off your top 5 list :-). For me that was an interesting personal nuance.

    The book is brilliantly presented aswell. Great job, I’m really looking forward to the Machine Head effort and I’ll try to read that one a little more quickly this time.

    Thanks again.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Big thanks for this Stuart, especially as I’ve been wrestling with the final text edit on the Machine Head title since the Christmas break! The nuances of Rickenbaker pick ups and angles are outside my pay grade but happily we have found people who can write convincingly on these details.

  2. Ton den Ambtman Says:

    Well, that ain’t nice.I add a positive comment on the book and say i’m looking forward to the Machine Head book and it gets deleted ??

  3. Ton den Ambtman Says:

    What a great piece of work !! Fantastic reading and great illustrations. Compliments and hope the new Machine Head book will be as great !!

  4. Stevie H. Says:

    Simon, Is the Wait for the Ricochet book still available from DTB or have I missed the boat on that one?

    Many thanks, Steve

  5. Nikos Says:

    Has there been anymore thought to an ebook release Simon? I have the book but would love to be able to read it in the go on my iPad.

  6. Kris Ann Cappelluti Says:

    Just got my copy and it looks splendid! Job well done!

  7. David Black Says:

    Mine arrived yesterday and i have already read it. A cracking read and excellent layout. Well worth the wait. Particularly enjoyed Jon’s memories of the time.
    As most of us are cracking on a bit these days if there is another book of this type could you print it in a larger font as my peepers aren’t what they were.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’ll see what we can do David! In the olden days type would always thicken up fractionally on printing, but it looks like they have made the plates direct from the electronic artwork, so I will compensate another time.

  8. Nicky Says:

    Any news when they will be delivered as I’ve ordered for a Christmas present?

  9. Lee Says:

    Any update on when these are going to be despatched by DTB? Thanks.

  10. Julian Woodward Says:

    Looking forward to reading. Great idea.

  11. Stephen Priest Says:

    I’ll echo the sentiments above. Sounds like a great project and a nice touch with the namecheck.

  12. hopin Says:

    Bonjour ,

    A quand la disponibilité ?

  13. Henrik Says:

    You ask me “what´s one of those?” I merely suggest you also release the book as an ebook. You could also release it as pdf-files, yourself. Or put it out as a kindle version.
    There are many options.

    • simon robinson Says:

      You’re right Henrik, it’s making sure we can afford to generate the version most people can access. I’m looking into it.

  14. Henrik Says:

    A Samsung galaxy tab.

  15. Roy Davies Says:

    Excellent news on the release, now when can we expect the next in the series – as the Fireball story will be even better!
    C’mon Robinson, get the lead out and no fobbing us off with less than 70,000 words, and I want loads of unreleased pictures in mine, and it hasn’t got to cost more than 20 quid!

  16. Scott W. Says:

    It always seems that my posts or emails go unanswered even though I have been a member for over 20 years!? While you found time to have a pissing contest with some guy about whether the book is printed in China or not, I asked if there was anything special a member had to do to get the discount for pre-order.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Hi Scott – according to my stats you have 19 comments live on the site plus two waiting for me to answer! The discount is automatic for people like yourself; it’s not possible to reconfigure the mail-order site to show this but we will be emailing people direct later this week. In effect the book IS issue 60 of DTB. Right I’m off to drink a 2.5 litre bottle of water to get into training. I hadn’t realised I’d been entered for this contest, but if I have I don’t want to let the country down…

  17. Purple_BR Says:

    Why not “any orders placed before the book goes to press will see the customer’s name AND COUNTRY added to the book’s credit page”? lol. Greetings from Brasil!

  18. fudp Says:

    Where the hell is this printed if not in China? Exactly who is against printing in China among the publishers, etc.? Do you idiots know in which country in the world printing on paper was invented?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Nobody is blaming anybody here, and yes I am fully aware of China’s contribution to printing and typesetting. The problem lies over here with firms subcontracting work to China which decimates our industry in Europe. But let’s strike a bargain. If China eliminates the import of endangered animals parts (Tiger bones, Rhino horn, etc.), I’ll get the publishers to print there to say thanks.

      • fudp Says:

        ‘Nobody is blaming anybody here’ is an absolutely false statement. You are blaming China with your anti China statement of “NOT printed in China.”
        I don’t care your political view to any specific country, but one thing certain is that BECAUSE OF YOUR MOVE, this book lost one sale.

      • simon robinson Says:

        That’s fair enough, you boycott the book because of your views, I’ll boycott goods made in China until I am sure that people who make them are paid a proper wage and given decent working conditions. All except my computer of course, because I can’t manage without that (thought this in no way means I endorse Apple’s decision to move manufacture out of Ireland).

  19. Henrik Says:

    Please make it an ebook as well. I am done buying physical products.

  20. Lea Says:

    Is this Hardback or paperback?

  21. Scott W. Says:

    This looks great Simon! Just the kind of thing that gets me excited about the band all over again!

  22. Kris Ann Cappelluti Says:

    So has the book gone to press yet? Or is there still a chance to pre-order and get your name in the credits? Regardless, looks like an awesome chronicle and I will be ordering!

  23. John Fowler (@swanstoon) Says:

    I’ve put in a pre-order & look forward to the book’s eventual publication. In Rock is an album I didn’t warm to initially & to be honest it’s only in the last few years that I’ve really come to appreciate it. I now listen to it often.

  24. timothy Says:

    Just what the fans have been wanting. It’s nice to know that you’ve been able to get new interviews for this – hopefully it won’t all be ‘the gospel according to Ian Gillan’! That full page shot of him looks superb… sad that I was too young to be there, even sadder that I didn’t have a camera!

    • simon robinson Says:

      We were sat on stage behind Ritchie’s amps on the 1973 tour for a time – and didn’t have a camera. Maybe Microsoft are working on something to suck the memories out of our brains and display them visually. As for the gospel bit, it’s pretty evenly balanced and a mixture of new and old (and very old) interview stuff. IG is probably least represented if anything.

  25. Lee Wood Says:

    What a fantastic idea – a book about one of the five greatest and most influential albums in rock history. I’m delighted, and can’t wait to see it eventuate. Congrats and Good Luck!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Come on then Lee, what are the other four?

      • Lee Wood Says:

        Abbey Road, Electric Ladyland, Who’s Next and Bringing It All Back Home, of course! That’s today’s list — it changes depending on what’s in the glass and how empty the glass happens to be, Simon!

      • simon robinson Says:

        This week I am mostly drinking Schweppes tonic with a dash of lime (New Flavour) as it helps keep the hay fever induced throat sorted…

  26. Gabriel Says:

    “Basically we had five egomaniacs. There was just a magical chemistry. I can’t think of any other band that’s been allowed that much freedom for all the members to do exactly what they wanted”…
    and so it was. Wise words. I think will surely be a great book and put things in order.

  27. IanClements Says:

    Looks like it will be a great book and its a nice thought to have DPAS names included; keep it up.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks Ian. We’ve always appreciated the support of the fan-club people, and this seemed a chance to reciprocate (I did try and organise it on one of the album reissues once but the label feared a logistical nightmare – whereas we thrive on those!).

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