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Released on bail

October 12, 2021

DP’s cover of Love’s 7 And 7 Is was pushed as the “single” on October 6, not that such things have much meaning these days – sadly. Is it any good? Well with players of this stature it was never going to be awful was it, but opinion does seem to be splitting amongst the “worldwide community of Deep Purple loyal fans” (© edel press dept) – or at least that small fraction I’m in touch with regularly – as to whether they will bother buying it or not. More exciting perhaps is that just as the world finally catches on to the harm the Instagram platform does, Deep Purple have launched their own account! So all those teenagers out there who couldn’t be tempted by the Deep Purple twitter and facebook feeds (and never knew what a web page was anyway) can now follow the band. Can a Bebo page be far behind?
The editions of the album have also been revealed to get collectors salivating / scratching round the back of the sofa for change. There will be (deep breath) a clear vinyl 2LP, the regular black vinyl 2LP, a cream 2LP vinyl edition, both digipack and standard CDs, a 5×12” single box set, which I assume divides the LP up into twin-deck disco chunks plus a bonus track, a cover of ‘(I’m A) Roadrunner’, and a bonus DVD. And of course there are the download versions. There is also a “Locked Up: The Making Of Turning To Crime” out on YouTube. Nice to see someone bucking the trend for shelf shortages here anyway. Some folk are still putting money on this album being volume one of two, as the first leaked press track list was headed Volume One, but I’m no Sherlock Holmes.
Thanks to David Browne, John Tucker, and many more for the in-tray meltdown!

Racing like a…

September 30, 2021

I feel I ought to mark the passing of fifty years since the release of Deep Purple’s FIREBALL album in September 1971 but unsure exactly how. Life these days just seems to be a repeated “jeez it’s XX years since” sort of experience and it all becomes a bit dull just to keep pointing the many anniversaries out. Not to mention the fact that I’ve splothered on about Fireball so often before, both in the old fanzine, then on the anniversary CD release (itself now some twenty five years old – though still the version I usually turn to) and that 6CD box EMI box set – while cruel people wishing to taunt me just have to say “textured vinyl”… But will people in the far distant future be splothering at such length about Whoosh? I’m not sure I’d put money on that. And I won’t be around to collect even if I did!
One thing which really annoys us at the DTB oldies office at the moment is this unquestioning story that the media have begun to run with that people have only just discovered climate change and planetary pollution. Apart from the fact that we’ve been recycling newspaper since I was a kid (I cannot be the only one who remembers those saturday morning newspaper collection drives), here was Ian Gillan railing against just such stupidity on No No No and to a lesser extent Fools five decades ago. Maybe the wonks in charge at Cop26 will make all the delegates sit and listen the former – loudly – before things kick off.
And if there is a better lyric pulling apart the vagueries of celebrity fame and fortune than No One Came then I’ve yet to find it. So a whole side’s worth of genius before we even start thinking about it. Sure, as Gillan is wont to say, Anyone’s Daughter does stick out a bit and would almost certainly have gelled better had they replaced it with the planned extended version of Strange Kind Of Woman, but it does somehow make a nice coda to an otherwise hard hitting record and it would be difficult for those of us who bought it on release to imagine the album without it.
Incidentally although in private ownership, you can rent one of the outbuildings at The Hermitage where the band began writing and rehearsing for the album as a holiday cottage now if you want to relive the experience. The evenings in the local pub however are out as it’s currently closed following a sale.
There is a minute of super 8 footage shot while the band were there, seemingly incomplete as it cuts out, but gives a glimpse of how it was – all set to snippets from The Concerto! If you shot this and know where the rest is get in touch…

Crime Watch

August 31, 2021

Thanks to Mathieu Pinard / Rock Hard magazine

Sounds like…

March 19, 2021

Neil Young has been talking about a likely archive release of an album he cut in 2001 but shelved (“[It] was so sad that I couldn’t put it out. I just skipped it and went on to do another album in its place”). In doing so he refers to one track as being “like a Deep Purple hit”. This inspired Mark Maddock to hunt around for us and a live version from the time turned up. Called ‘Standing in the Light’ it’s not hard to see what Neil means! Even in bootleg form it sounds pretty good, so I’ll post and you can see how many seconds it’s takes to spot the influence.

Thanks to Mark for the story.

on lead vocals

March 12, 2021

There have been so many releases based around the Phenomena project by Tom Galley I confess I struggle to keep up, especially with all the reissues thereof. But this latest CD might have a place on your shelf as it brings together all the tracks featuring Glenn Hughes on lead vocals (as the cover sticker clearly indicates!). So if you never investigated this is as good a chance as any. The disc is out now, and our thanks to Stuart Hamilton for the info.

Micro Machines

January 12, 2021

It’s been a long time since this little collectable was featured in Darker Than Blue magazine! Steve Grover found it when he was on holiday in Australia in 1992 and brought it back as a souvenir (and teased me with it as soon as he got back). He has recently been trimming down his collection and decided this could go. He and I were both flabbergasted when it sold on ebay for over £900!
It turns out that MicroWheels are now becoming quite collectable as a brand; enough time has passed from their launch in 1987 for kids at the time to have reached that age when they enjoy collecting toys they had as a kid.
But what Steve didn’t realise is that this was very much a limited run, a series called Rockin’ Wheels, which was test marketed only in Australia. There were six bands featured, including Deep Purple and Whitesnake. As well as these six groups, a few more exist only as prototypes (Billy Idol being one, who thought that was a good idea?). Needless to say Steve rather wished he’d grabbed a few more, but it’s easy to be wise after the event, and the money will certainly pay for his next road trip (if we’re ever allowed such things again).
The Deep Purple set was licensed during the Joe Lynn Turner era from Bruce Payne, and so features graphics from the Slaves & Masters era. As the price Steve got shows, they are impossibly rare today. Even beat up played with examples fetch money and every collector’s site I visited out there has these in their ‘most wanted’ section.
Me, I shall stick to my early Matchbox toys. Though even there some of the prices are now out of my reach.


December 11, 2020

And here is the equivalent advert from the Germany music press (see post below for the British version). Third time in a row they have had the #1 Album in Germany (Now What?! – inFinite – Whoosh!). Thanks to Lutz Reinert for the image.

Christmas shopping

November 18, 2020

Well, I think we did suggest they would probably milk the Whoosh collectors more if they could and here we go, firstly with a special edition which “celebrates the chart success of the album”, aimed at anyone who hasn’t yet bought it. Titled the Hat-trick Edition it’s a CD set with all the usual bits on from before plus three patches and a fridge magnet! And a CD featuring the sound of a barrel being scraped? The snap here shows it in all its glory.

Meantime in Japan they have rounded up all the live extras off the limited editions which they are putting out on a new edition of Whoosh there, released on Christmas Day! This has a bonus disc of Live in Rio 2017 – but critically, this only contains the tracks from Rio already released on the 10″ vinyls from the Whoosh box set NOT the extras included on the HMV etc ‘exclusive’. My thanks to Tokyo Tim for the explainer. Needless to say we’d expect them to let us catch our breath and then push out a full Rio 2017 before very much longer.


September 9, 2020

Mark Besley has joined the DTB trainspotters society with this snap by his wife taken at Trowbridge Station as she whooshed by… (that’s whooshed by as in privatised rail speak for not going very fast!).

Meanwhile John McEvoy was checking out the rivals to Sainsbury’s (see post below) and saw that Tesco are price matching them on Whoosh, but have sat in in amongst a zillion greatest hits collections, clearly not aware that it is in fact new material.

Meanwhile Simon did wonder if Edel had been throwing money at the Tour de France – “I saw a Whoosh logo on some of the shirts the other day, but it turns out to be the name of an electric bike brand in the UK!” Mind you their logo makes DPs cover look positively inspired… Simon’s just had an email subject matter ‘Purple Chopper” too: “I was afraid to look but it turned out to be a fab original purple Chopper bike Steve Clare had seen in his local antique shop and was trying to crowbar into the Machine Head book.”


August 24, 2020

Simon spotted Deep Purple in his local Sainbury’s chart rack at number 10, bravely doing battle with a cheapo Doris Day Collection at number 9! Meantime, David Browne – who has sort of slipped into the role of charting the rise and rise of Whoosh for us (and future historians!) – says the list of top ten entries has grown over the past week (see below).

#1 Germany

#1 Finland

#1 Belgium (Wallonia)

#1 Scotland

#1 Austria

#1 Switzerland

#2 Poland

#2 Czech Republic

#3 Hungary

#3 Sweden

#3 Norway

#4 UK (highest chart entry in 46 years)

#4 Japan (International)

#6 Italy

#7 Belgium (Flanders)

#7 Netherlands

#8 France

#8 Denmark

#13 Australia

The one which is puzzling him and us is the US Billboard chart. But if you look at what they call their Top Album Sales (which they describe as “a pure album sales chart” and mixes all genres) then Whoosh comes straight in at No. 11 (just below ‘Now 75!’). They will find it tough going as it is one of SIX new entries. As for how it compares with previous reunion albums? Scroll down.

David also thought to look back at reunion album positions in Billboard and this charts a real u-turn now, with positions dropping steadily to Battle, and then creeping back up. He also points out that the last Deep Purple album to get higher than #11 in the US album sales chart was (according to the old DP discography!) : Burn #9, which mimics the position in Britain.

Titles which do not appear didn’t make it into the Top 200 chart at all, so a huge chunk of the catalogue is missing.