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April 20, 2015

Deep Purple Black Night Record Store Day editionWe covered last Saturday’s  Record Store Day Deep Purple releases a while back (details here) but for those who are interested we have some stock of three of the titles; the Black Night 7″ pic sleeve (which has an unissued edit of a Roger Glover remix, plus the piano Speed King); the Mono Book Of Taliesyn LP (both colour vinyl) and the triple Montreux 2011 vinyl (which is the priciest of the three as you might imagine, it weighs a ton too!).
We were not allowed to offer them prior to RS day, and cannot put them on the shop yet, so please email Ann if you want copies and she will email you with the details. Supplies are very limited as indie stores got first dibs, so it’s first come first served.
Amazingly Sheffield has seen four more vinyl outlets open this year, albeit all hidden away in the suburbs where rent is cheap, but nice to see.


Out Of Hand

March 13, 2015

Book Of TaliesynRecord Store Day UK is but a few weeks away, and sleeping bags will soon start to appear outside Barry’s Record Collector shop in Sheffield as per every year.  There is a quartet of Deep Purple items on offer this year in the UK (other territories often do their own thing). Thanks also to Tim Summers.
Deep Purple – Out Of Hand – This is a 10″ vinyl release off the current album, with the album track backed up by  Après Vous (Instrumental), and on the b-side Lazy (Live At Wacken Open Air 2013) and Hell To Pay (Instrumental).
Also from recent times is a vinyl edition of  Live With Orchestra: Montreux 2011 (3LP), which has been out on DVD and CD already.
From olden times comes Black Night / Speed King 7″ on blue opaque vinyl and  The Book of Taliesyn in glorious mono, on white vinyl. This follows up last year’s Record Day issue of Shades.
Given our hassles getting stock in the past, will not advertise these up front, but WILL try to get unsold copies after the day for the new DTB collectors store.  We have managed this in previous years, and always sell at regular retail price.
Soup recipes will follow.  Search for previous Record Store Day articles relating to the band on this site using the box on the right. Meanwhile here is an amusing look at the Record Day phenomena from one of the record blogs I follow which some may find all too familiar!

The Mk 1 Box details

June 13, 2014

Deep Purple Hard Road Mk 1 box setFinal details of the upcoming Mk 1 58 track box set (scheduled for the third week of July) are now in. It’s something of a mixed bag as far as most readers of Darker Than Blue are concerned, and much depends on how desperate you are for mono mixes (new to CD). The box does get the stuff back on catalogue but an initial trawl through the content suggests so much more could have been done here. Anyhow, I’ve done a full break-down of the bonus tracks (there do appear to be a handful of new oddds and ends) on the review pages and it can be pre-ordered at the DTB Online shop.

Mk 1 again

February 24, 2014

Three new versions of the Mk 1 album are released in Japan this week.  I’ve kind of lost count of the number of times they have done the albums in reproduction sleeves there (and they were done in the UK by EMI in a box set way back), but this new trio promise to be the best yet, thanks to the involvement of fans to ensure the faithful reproduction of the original Japanese cover art.  Best of the lot is perhaps The Book Of Taliesyn which has an authentic slightly off white tone to the card, but if you don’t have any earlier versions then these are well worth checking out.  Released by Victor in Japan, all come with K2HD mastering and the bonus tracks which adorned the original UK EMI reissues back in 2000.  DTBOnline shop have long since given up trying to import these sort of titles, but we recommend a firm like CDJapan.  The photo below shows the three covers, thanks to Masaki Tanaka.

Shades Of Deep Purple, Book of Taliesyn, Third album

Purple acetate

December 13, 2013

Deep Purple acetate We Can Work It Out 8" EMI

This interesting 8″ Deep Purple Mk 1 acetate turned up for sale earlier in the month, apparently formerly in the possession of a British DJ who had emigrated to North America. He sold his entire collection on to a dealer who put some of the choicest acetates up for sale this month (including similar offerings from The Beatles and Pink Floyd).
The Deep Purple disc has three original studio recordings but two are lacking any introductions. So River Deep Mountain High (on the other side of the disc) is just 8.30 instead of the 10.06 on the Book Of Taliesyn album, while We Can Work It Out from the same album lacks the Exposition piece. Wring That Neck seems pretty close, there is a difference of just a few seconds in the timings. (Incidentally I’ve just noticed that the Exposition / We Can Work It Out timing on the original Tetragrammaton pressing is listed as 6.66!)
Was this acetate for a projected EP? Checking catalogues, EMI did use a three number sequence for singles in the sixties, but I cannot find any correlation with their EPs. It might have been  sequenced for a non-UK EP, it is unusual for acetates to be numbered at all so the EP579 number might relate to a projected release. The rubber archive stamp in the corner of the sleeve has been filled by hand in biro, and the handwriting does look as if it’s non-UK. The word “Lable” is mis-spelt, another possible indication of this being for a market outside the UK (though the acetate itself is clearly a UK pressing).
Anyway, enough speculation. The disc sold for an amazing £386 by the way, twice that of the Floyd disc but out-performed by The Beatles which went for over £600. I know a couple of people who went after the Purple disc but pulled out as the price climbed!

Deep Purple acetate HushEMI

It has also prompted Tonny Steenhagen to send me this low-res snap of an earlier acetate sale from 2005.  It couples Hush, And The Address and Hey Joe on a single sided 12″ acetate test pressing.