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Box sets

August 28, 2013

Deep Purple Complete 1970 1976

America seems to be getting a bit box set crazy these days, all part of trying to squeeze a few more sales out of back-catalogue, and often these can represent good value for money but only if you don’t have the titles already.
Rhino are jumping in with The Complete Albums 1970 – 1976 (cover shown above), 10 CDs, which runs from Concerto through to Come Taste, with MIJ and MIE as extras.
Meanwhile Audio Fidelity are planning their first box set with Gold CDs of In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head and Who Do We Think We Are in a metal box.  These have all been out separately, and got good reviews from audiophiles for the remastering.
Thanks to (which is a useful American site for upcoming archive rock and pop titles and plans) and Leslie Hanagan.

Concerto makes vinyl

July 4, 2013

JL Concerto 12 vinylBetter late than never vinyl fans!  It’s a double set with the BBC interview tacked on.  Due end of July and DTB Online can take pre-orders. Cover and more info on our  Concerto 2012 page.

New Concerto CD update

June 19, 2012

Some more details of the upcoming Concerto studio recording, guest list and photographs from the sessions in Liverpool last year.