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October 21, 2014

air-conditioner-shirt-graphicSomebody was asking about that Fireball “whoosh” recently so I dug out the feature from the Darker Than Blue archives and tweaked it for the site.  It did not come from the BBC Sound Effects album after all.  So if you really didn’t know about the West Uzbekistan Percussion Ensemble now is your chance!  You can even buy the t-shirt and support this pioneering drum outfit…


Houston we have some pictures.

April 18, 2014

Deep Purple’s first American tour during July 1971 is not very well documented visually, the band being support to The Faces for most of the shows and yet to overcome their days as chart toppers with Hush. On the 28th they played the Sam Houston Coliseum and reportedly went down a storm according to local fans. For some time now a set of low res pictures has been doing the rounds from this show and the originals recently came up for sale in America at a specialist music memorabilia auction.  Because photographs from this first US tour are so rare, and these are very good (taken by a local enthusiast) we decided to try and secure them for the DPAS archives and happily have been able to do so.
You can see two individual shots on our concert date list.

Deep Purple Houston 1971

Classic Rock (and others) present

March 27, 2013

Classic Rock magazine are preparing a Deep Purple Buyers Guide to be published around the time of the new Deep Purple album, probably a cover mounted book (there was talk of the new studio album going this way but thankfully not).  The author of the guide reckons he had “forgotten what a fabulous record Fireball is…”  Maybe EMI (or whoever owns the rights by the summer) should make that a sticker for a reissue edition? !  (See how any attempt to use ?! automatically becomes a free plug for the new album? Clever!).

VH1 have scheduled the ‘new’ Deep Purple documentary (which we’ve mentioned a few times) for end of April in America at least (expect UK airing as well). I say ‘new’ as some people think it’s a previously screened programme with added material to give it extra relevance to the anniversary. It’s all immaterial here as we don’t have the channel anyway!