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Limited edition of 20,000…

December 3, 2019

deep purple live in Rome 2013.jpg

Deep Purple started their official live archive series from the Steve Morse reunion era earlier this year. These will be sold as limited numbered CDs, coloured vinyl and digital downloads. The second release is a show from Rome (that’s in Italy, the press info helpfully points out) July 22 2013.
The first, “an explosive show from Australia”, was so explosive we missed it altogether (Simon was “otherwise engaged” at the time). Tim Summers tells us it was from Newcastle, Australia, March 14 2001, copied from the soundboard series box set (remastered, it doesn’t say how), so most collectors will already have this.
Anyway track listing for the Rome 2CD set is:

CD1 Intro / Fireball / Into The Fire / Hard Lovin’ Man / Vincent Price / Strange Kind Of Woman / Contact Lost / Guitar Solo / All The Time In The World / The Well-Dressed Guitar / The Mule / Bodyline / Lazy
CD 2 Above And Beyond / No One Came / Key Solo / Perfect Strangers / Space Truckin’ / Smoke On The Water / Hush / Bass Solo / Black Night

A chance to check out live versions of three not often heard songs and get in on the ground floor of this series. It’s out at the end of the week via earMusic. Some of the cuts have already been out on the Now What live tapes edition, but this is the full set.
They’re pressing 20,000 on CD so no need to panic buy. Indeed it’s hard to see what is limited about such a long run. The label have borrowed (closely, but without any sense of adventure) packaging ideas from Pearl Jam who have been doing this sort of limited release since 2000 (much to Steve Grover’s delight! An example is below). Basic cover info and tatty bootleg style graphics (FYI edel design dept: NEVER EVER compress the typewriter font, it always looks awful).
It’s hard to know the rationale behind the series, i.e. what dictates a set will end up in this collection, or will ALL live shows from now on get this treatment? Will they go for rarer graded shows which might not be soundboard quality but would interest fans?
Still at least they’ve half tried, even if it has taken them 30 years or so! Thanks to Stuart Hamilton for the news; Edel’s people couldn’t be bothered to even email over the press release.

Pearl Jam Bootleg Series.jpg

In Town Tonight • Roundhouse

October 16, 2019


Another poster sent in by Gary Poronovich for us to check out, from Deep Purple’s two nights at The Roundhouse October 16th and 17th 2013. It’s a real shame they haven’t got a good logo as it kind of spoils what could have been a smart design.  The Roundhouse logo by comparison is excellent. I wonder if these will be as collectable in the future as 1970s posters are today? One things for sure I won’t be around to see!

Throwback Thursday

July 29, 2015

Deep Purple NBC Today programme

One of the reasons we got advance news on the NBC show (first mentioned below) was that the cameraman, Eric Eisenstein, is a big Deep Purple fan and Darker Than Blue follower. We met Eric last year when he was over watching his lad, touring with a great group called Man Overboard (and packing them in at The Cockpit in Leeds).  Needless to say getting to film Purple was a great gig for Eric, who says he got to meet all the band between the rehearsal and the live performance.
He sent us some great photos, which include this shot of them rehearsing (the stage was set up in the street outside the studio rather than have the kit blow everything inside NBC!), and one of himself in action during the show. Eric is the guy in the checked shirt on the far right filming Steve in the clip. Not a bad rendition either, Ian coping well with the ungodly hour. By the numbers sure but it did exactly what NBC wanted I suspect. Great shots of Paice’s kit in places too, gives an idea of how massive it all is.  Amazing to watch the folk in the background walking past on their way to work…

Deep Purple NBC Today programme
A couple of people have asked about Steve’s black support strap on his wrist, which apparently is to counter touches of arthritis.  He has been sporting this off and on since last year. As someone says, it doesn’t seem to slow him up any! Mucho thanks to Eric.

The Hall of Fame

August 7, 2014
One question which has vexed Deep Purple fans a lot over the past few years is the band’s non-appearance in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. While it is very obvious that the committee behind this event work very much to their own musical agenda, Ian Gillan has shed light on the situation in a new interview done for Rolling Stone (and it must be said when did they last cover the band? Probably not since the days of Cameron Crowe!). It also throws some light on recent stories from Blackmore about him and Ian Gillan being in touch which has surprised some. The full interview is linked at the end of the story. My thanks to Peter Judd who flagged this up:
There was a lot of controversy this year with Kiss’ current members not wanting to play with their original members at this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. Would you be willing to play with the group’s founding guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore, who had a bitter split with the band in 1993, at the ceremony if you were inducted?
Well, we are the living, breathing Deep Purple. This is the longest that any lineup has ever been together in this band.
And it would be unconscionable to think about bringing Ritchie in. I don’t have an issue with Ritchie, nor does anyone.
I’ve been in touch with Ritchie recently and everything’s cool, so there’s no bitter, personal problem. We’re too old
for that and everything’s in the past, but no. That would be out of the question. How insulting that would be to
[current guitarist] Steve Morse, for example? So if that’s the stumbling block, fair enough. Never the twain shall
Why do you say that?
I’m saying what I’m about to say not to wind Ritchie up, if he’s reading this. He knows that we’ve got to talk about
these things. So I say this with no rancor, and let’s get the record straight: I was just as much of an asshole as
Ritchie was. But Ritchie carried it on for a little longer. Had Ritchie stayed with the band, it would have been all
over. It would have just ended. Without any doubt in anyone’s mind – it was all over. So the day he walked out was
the day we had to rebuild. We had Joe Satriani for one year, and he got us over the crisis, and then we got Steve and
started to rebuild. Within a couple of years, we started playing arenas again, and it’s been fantastic ever since.
It’s good to go through those crises. It doesn’t do your heart any good, but that was the spirit of the band. So to
go back to the question of “Would we do the show with Ritchie?” I think that would be hugely disrespectful to what I
call the living, breathing, Deep Purple. There’s always been a living, breathing, Deep Purple, good or bad at any
stage of our evolution, and how it is now is particularly healthy and it wouldn’t be right.
For more go to:

In the sun

June 11, 2014

Deep Purple are taking a break in the Algarve right now doing some writing to get the follow up to What Now started. Looks like they have decided to strike while the iron is still fairly hot which seems a good move. The album is still getting mentioned; listing their top five albums of 2013 in Good Times magazine, Mick Box put Now What at second, and Andy Scott of The Sweet rated it fourth (thanks to Hubert Leonhard).
Deep Purple went ahead with their concert in Turkish occupied Cyprus on May 24 in front of 20,000 fans. Admission was free. The show made the local press on both sides, “The band landed in Nicosia’s Ercan Airport in a British Airways plane rented for the trip in a rare occasion for the airport, which is closed to international flights apart from those coming from Turkey. The band members were welcomed by the Turkish Cypriot Foreign Ministry officials, as international celebrities make rare visits to the country due to the pressure from Greek Cyprus and the international community.”
Deep Purple Cyprus

Apart from a French festival this month the band are off the road until the middle of July when they play more European shows before their longest batch of North America / Canadian shows in ages.

Now What 6 Disc Box!

November 14, 2013

deep purple now what box setWe’ve reported the upcoming special tour editions of Now What before on the site (you can still read the original article), but they have decided to revamp the release. The 2CD set with live tracks is still there (Gold Edition), the vinyl will be a double but just of the live tracks (titled Now What Live Tapes) and for everyone looking for that last minute Xmas gift, there is a NOW WHAT BOX SET 6 DISC SET. This pulls together the 2CD set above, plus the singles, t-shirt and other goodies.  Because it’s all getting a bit complicated, we’ve jotted down all the details on a special Now What page.

The idea of putting together all the live shows to make the box set really special seems to have not occured to anyone. All the formats can be pre-ordered via DTB Online store but please keep in mind the limited nature of two of these formats (we have been warned that the vinyl and box set may sell out BEFORE release date).

UK Tour Reviews

October 13, 2013

We’ve got a UK tour page started, post your reviews in the comments section there or email direct.  The set list is on a separate page so you won’t have the surprises spoilt. Photo : the tour backdrop (Stephen Clare)

deep purple uk tour 2013

Now What was that again?!

September 20, 2013

Deep Purple singleHistory repeats itself (for those still trying to work out exactly how many editions of the Rapture Of The Deep album came out*) with a 2CD GOLD TOUR EDITION of Now What.  This comprises the existing album (+ It’ll Be Me & First Sign of Madness) with a second disc of tracks recorded on the summer tour in Italy, Germany and Sweden.  Track listing is:
Fireball / Into The Fire / Hard Lovin’ Man / Vincent Price / Strange Kind Of Woman / Body Line / Above And Beyond / Perfect Strangers / All The Time In The World / Hush / Black Night / Smoke On The Water
It has been stressed that these are ‘monitor mixes’.  A bit of a strange concept really; a lot of people will be cheesed off at having to buy the album again, and surely the time for a live album proper was later in the year when there will be more off the new studio album to include (although a third of this is new which is something)?  Likely to be on vinyl as well.
They will also issue a single (the third off the CD, or fourth a-side) to promote,  Above and Beyond  – 7” purple vinyl – b-side Space Truckin’ recorded live in Majano, Italy, July 24, 2013; – CD single (with Things I’ve Never Said studio, Space Truckin’ and Hush both live in Rome, Italy, July 22, 2013).  We can’t say if Hush is the same as the live CD (and clearly as Space Truckin is not on the live album, both the vinyl and CD are needed to complete the material).  Strewth. The CD and vinyl album can be pre-ordered at DTB Online shop. We will not carry the single up front due to being stiffed on supplies over the others. The single sleeve is shown here.
Now all we need to know is did DP lift their album title from Elvis Presley’s daughter? See the link here!
(* Five so far. They’re nowhere near the record mind; Ian Dury & The Blockheads album Do It Yourself was issued in over 30 different sleeves, and there is still no exact figure as nobody seems to know any more!)

Bob, Martin.

August 18, 2013

Deep Purple have whacked another new song into the current tour, the list is on DTB on the news page.
Meanwhile, Martin Popoff has been chatting to Bob Ezrin for the Bravewords website and, as you might imagine from the compiler of several Deep Purple books, come up with some really interesting insights into the album now that the initial flurry of excitement has died back a little.
“I think the mission was clearly to put the deep back in Deep Purple. I didn’t come into this thinking that I had a mission. I came into this a little bit reluctantly, thinking that they were looking to me to make a contemporary rock album with Deep Purple, which I didn’t feel was appropriate, or could be done in an honest way. But when I met with the guys, after seeing their live show, and seeing especially the big jam that they do in the middle of the show, which was just masterful, virtuosic… after seeing that, and meeting with the guys, I realized that there was that original essence of Deep Purple that people hadn’t heard on record in a long time, and that if they wanted to do that sort of thing, I was really into doing it with them. And I think it was Roger who actually used the phrase ‘put the deep back in Deep Purple,’ which was music to my ears, if you’ll forgive the pun. So once we figured that that would be the mission, then I was interested.”
Read the rest of the interview at:
Martin’s book on Deep Purple Gettin Tighter is available on import at DTB Online.

Pole dancing nuns.

May 20, 2013

In answer to a few emails, the bonus Now What track It’ll Be Me is a track IG has covered before, back in 1994 on the Javelins CD. Interesting to do a then and now comparison. Less interesting to realise we did that project twenty years ago now…

For those wanting a look at the Deep Purple Vincent Price video, it’s on the Classic Rock magazine website. Pole-dancing lingerie clad nun (all done in the best possible taste) and more.

It’s pure MTV hokum of course, but they’ve had a bit of fun putting it together, filming in the Berlin Dungeon with a David Thewlis lookalike as Price (and even a vaguely Madeline Smith lookalike for the nun).  Interesting to see someone has (rather badly) replicated Ian Paice’s 1969 bass drum head.  The audio seems tweaked a bit for play-back on PCs and the like compared to the CD too.

On the Rainbow scene, Jeff Cramer has done a pretty no-holds barred interview with the elusive former keyboard player David Stone which you can read at Jeff’s website. One or two suggestions need taking with a pinch of salt; and having double checked with others we find it hard to work out how he could possibly have played on Rainbow’s On-Stage album despite the claims!

Whitesnake? “Thunder great. Journey predictable. Whitesnake awesome, great mix of old and newer tracks and Mr C was in fine voice (Japanese tour voice worries seem to have been overcome). A few surprises but he asked us not to give away the set list. So I won’t!” Keith Livingstone.

And if the recession is getting to you as well, then according to Steve Allum there’s a copy of the first DPAS newsletter up for auction online right now with a ‘buy it now price’ of just $399.  Blimey.

Thanks to Michael Saloharis, Jamie Woodward, John McEvoy.