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I spy Strangers

October 10, 2013

Perfect Strangers Live is shipping next week; a 24 hour panic as the warehouse had sent our order to an indie record shop (and their order for one CD to us! Goodness knows what they made of all that Deep Purple stock) but it was sorted overnight. Simon’s had a blast through a copy and his first thoughts are on the site in the review section (if anyone’s still interested in what the old git thinks about anything!). Be interesting to see what other people feel about this release. If you’ve not yet placed an order you can still do so at DTB Online store.

Live In Melbourne er Sydney 1984

August 12, 2013

Deep Purple Perfect Strangers live Melbourne 1984UPDATE – The live 1984 DVD reported earlier is from one of the three nights at Sydney and NOT Melbourne as the sales sheets claim. As well as the main format DVD, there are CD and vinyl editions, but both are limited.  Full track listing and details on DTB under Perfect Strangers Live.  It’s due out in October.  Our first report of the release is below.  Formats available to pre-order at DTB Online store.