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Purple stage

October 8, 2019

The ultimate fan souvenir?  Mark Maddock just sent me this photo of a ‘Deep Purple touring stage’ which someone has just put up for auction online in America. It seems to be the welded metal subframe, ply boarding and a bunch of old lights!  It also seems to be kept outdoors so better get some Hammerite ready if you do go for it!  I checked but the garage here is already full so we won’t be bidding…

Purple stage.jpg

Christmas markets

March 27, 2019

The dates we mentioned the other day are firming up. Here are the shows confirmed so far (and one of the flyers) if anyone fancies a family visit to a pre-Christmas market (“oh look, Deep Purple are playing in town love, what a coincidence…”). Thanks to Tim Summers for the info, complete with links to stories announcing the dates if you need more detail. I’ll add the venues etc. to our diary shortly. Tickets go on sale this Friday. I assume they will be doing more in 2020 as it’s likely the new studio album will be out by then.  They begin recording in America later this year.

Klagenfurt 01.12.19…lagenfurt/

Krakow, 03.12.19…ow/e1xrm3q

Ostrava 04.12.19…urple.html

Belgrade 06.12.19…adu/529636

Sofia 07.12.19…n+Bulgaria

Budapest 09.12.19…ep-purple/


Blackmore’s chart

March 28, 2013

Ritchie Blackmore top ten chartA nice retro top ten albums and singles chart, but compiled by Blackmore back in 1984 from his current listening tastes. See the full chart on the Darker Than Blue pages.

DTB Catalogue

March 28, 2013

The April edition of the Darker Than Blue Catalogue, two pages of new/ish and forthcoming titles, is now available to download as a PDF by going to the page linked above and clicking. DTB will be having a couple of days off over Easter but only if we can clear all the snow off the drive!