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News Round Up

July 8, 2013

Some bits you may have seen on the site and elsewhere, others you may have missed…
There’s a new Tommy Bolin set due late August in America, titled Whirlwind. No final details of European editions yet but these will be available through DTBOnline.  There is a limited edition but seems to be for US only. Other new titles due in are vinyl of Jon Lord’s Concerto.  Vinyl of the latest Blackmore’s Night album has been issued but is not being distributed by normal channels so we cannot supply it.
The Phenomena Project is assembling (sounds like something from an upcoming Marvel Comics film!) for at least one festival slot next year at Sweden Rock Festival 2014, with Glenn Hughes – Vocals, Neil Murray – Bass, and Bernie Marsden – Guitar, plus Martin Kronlund – Guitar, Perra Johansson – Drums, Ian Haugland – Drums. Dating back to 1985, this was a series of studio albums with contributions from Glenn and others, but never toured.
Still with Glenn, the Hughes / Thrall album is reissued on vinyl shortly, 180 gsm edition (pre-order at DTBOnline).
I wonder if the Jon Lord BBC show we mentioned on DTB before is this: “Keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman pays tribute to his friend, Deep Purple’s Jon Lord…”    Airing at 23:25, Sunday, July 14th, BBC1 TV but in the East Midlands only (due to the Leicester connection I assume). Hopefully it will be on iPlayer after, most local programming is.
Talking of the man, it’s now confirmed that the memorial show takes place in April 2014, with lots of guests. We’ll let you know more when we can on the Jon Lord page on the site. I know some people were hoping to travel to catch this and a DP UK show in October this year as they were originally hoping to stage it in October. There is also a special book celebrating Jon’s life in words and pictures in the planning stages, about which more shortly.
All a bit quieter over in Deep Purple land, apart from Don Airey doing a freebie show in Italy in August, with a Deep Purple tribute band. Date and flyer on the site here.
On the back-catalogue, we should note that the 1999 Deep Purple Live At The Royal Albert Hall set is deleted; anyone needing the 2CD set should move quickly. A customer came to us asking if we could help and were surprised to find it had gone. We still have some in stock at DTBOnline store (or you can pay over £30 on Am*z*n!). A marvellous weekend for everyone really, and you have to think with hindsight it was one of the high spots of the reunion. It’s great that Jon got to do this when he did.
The DPO Archives are promising us an anniversary video single to mark the release forty years back of the Smoke On The Water single in America. It took EMI UK four years to finally release this here, not until the band had split did they put it out on 7″ in 1977.
Funnily enough, the radio comedy show The Castle (recently repeated on Radio 4Extra) have the riff done on medieval instruments which sounds great (along with many other famous rock hooks). Also due is a reissue of the Live In Copenhagen ’72 DVD.
The Wait For The Riochet book majoring on the Deep Purple In Rock period of the band is now in the final proofing stages and on track to go to print later this month. There will be a cut-off date for pre-orders announced shortly so if you want the copy with your credit in best get a wriggle on. If the title has passed you by, check it out on the site here.
The latest live Whitesnake album Made In Britain is now shipping, a double CD set (see DTBOnline). Apparently Whitesnake showed head and shoulder shots of Jon Lord, Mel Galley and Cozy Powell during the performance of Gambler on the recent UK tour. Until I heard this I hadn’t really thought how many of the classic line-up we’d lost.
Mention of Mel sort of leads us obliquely to Judas Priest (How? Mel, Trapeze, Glenn, Deep Purple, Roger Glover, produced Priest…. peasy). John Tucker was asking me aboiut The Flying Hat Band, who supported Purple for a few shows in Europe in January 1974. This was Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton’s outfit and we were wondering how on earth they came to be selected for the tour (given that most of Purple’s supports at that time were usually bands people had heard of – Alex Harvey Band, Tucky Buzzard, Elf, etc.). Let us know if you managed the band at the time!
Issue 6 of Swedish magazine Retroculture majors on Deep Purple. Though mostly in Swedish, interviews with Coverdale and Johnny Bolin have been included in English by editor Mike Eriksson. The only worry I have is the magazine’s website name which in English reads a bit strange, so I’ll just paste it as a link! Thanks also to the guys at Hush magazine for their latest issue, 41. 75 pages of DP and family content, along with other bands.

That comedy film Discoverdale we’ve been mentioning for some time is now getting screenings in various art cinemas around the country. Very nice of the producers to send us an invite to the London premier (though the thought of driving all that way in the recent heatwave to sit in a cinema didn’t really appeal).  The flyer actually featured quite a big photo of David Coverdale. You can visit the movie’s official site to read more.  Can’t wait to see it.
Finally, Chris Poustie writes : “I was in a musical instrument shop in Bangkok a couple of days ago and as I was waiting to pay my bill a song came out of the shop’s speakers which I immediately recognized as “We Wish You Well” although it was being sung in an Asian language, most probably Japanese or Korean. It was a much bigger production than the original Whitesnake version and much longer too, probably a full 3 or 4 minutes. First verse sung by a man, and the second verse sung by a woman in operatic style!” If anyone can tell Chris who this was by let us know.  The track was also covered back in the day (1979) by an outfit called Company, a 7″ single which featured four members of Whitesnake on a busman’s holiday…
Thanks also to Jacqueline Stokes, James Bateman, Tim Summers.

Phoenix Risen

May 18, 2011

deep purple phoenix rising advert

DVD REVIEW : First review can be read here.

UPDATE 2 : The audio version has entered the German album charts at number 16! (May 22.2011)

UPDATE : Phoenix Rising is shipping from DTBOnline store May 23rd to everyone who pre-ordered. To our surprise the vinyl edition includes the DVD as well (the sales info made no mention of this!), making it very good value. Anyone who wants to send us comments on the release or reviews please do and we’ll include some on the site.

Phoenix Rises

April 8, 2011

deep purple phoenix rising dvd coverReviews page

UPDATE : Phoenix Rising is shipping from DTBOnline store May 23rd. To our surprise the vinyl edition includes the DVD as well, making it very good value. Anyone who wants to send us comments on the release please do and we’ll include some on the site.

The upcoming Mk4 DVD now titled Phoenix Rising is getting a lot of comment. The exact content of the discs is a little vague, and people have been asking for more. If we get any proper detail I’ll add it here. All we can do for now is publish the press release info (below). From this it seems that the only ‘complete’ footage on offer appears to be the Rises Over Japan half hour show, plus the Gettin’ Tighter documentary as originally announced (with new interviews from JL and GH and other clips), and material which was on the History Hits DVD last year such as the New Zealand programme. The Jakarta show and the new footage from the US tour in 1976 (which sadly turned out to be without audio according to one source) may form part of this. The DVD comes with an audio CD, which originally was planned to include a couple of unissued live tracks from the US tour, but these have now been removed, so it’s just stuff from Tokyo and Long Beach.
The format is NTSC so it will be playable worldwide. The blu-ray has the bonus audio on the disc. Rises does get a new surround sound audio if you have the kit though it’s a shame they haven’t managed to find the 100 minute edit of the Tokyo film which is now known to have been done. One online store was advertising a vinyl edition but this has been ruled out. There will however be a limited edition with a ‘book’, which comprises that old Record World Deep Purple special from 1976 reprinted.
And no I do not understand the cover either! Anything less like a Phoenix than Deep Purple Mk4 I would struggle to imagine… still, it looks like they spent more time on it than the last DP album cover.
The DVD can be pre-ordered from DTBOnline store. All orders through DTB help support the fan club. You can find a special Mk 4 sales sheet from DTBMailorder here as a PDF download.

PRESS RELEASE : The long awaited Deep Purple MkIV DVD titled PHOENIX RISING has now been set for release late May 2011 and will come in both DVD and BluRay formats.
The discs will feature the RISES OVER JAPAN concert from December 1975 in Full HD and Surround Sound, as well as the highly anticipated documentary “Getting’ Tighter”.

The first DVD to document Deep Purple’s turbulent last year before the band split in 1976.  Exclusive new interviews with Glenn Hughes and founder member Jon Lord that open the lid on the problems that beset the band as they toured the world: Death, drugs and devastation, which led to their eventual disbandment. Archive footage from the tour includes interviews with Tommy Bolin, David Coverdale and Ian Paice, while rare and previously unreleased concert footage includes performances of Purple classics ‘Smoke On The Water’, ‘Burn’ and ‘Highway Star’. Live versions of ‘Love Child’ and ‘You Keep On Moving’ from the MKIV line-up’s one and only album ‘Come Taste The Band’ also feature as part of the previously unreleased film ‘Deep Purple Rises In Japan’ – included in full, within this DVD.

Other highlights of this extraordinary and powerful documentary includes film from the start of the tour in New Zealand plus the coup de grace; recently discovered, previously unseen footage from the infamous concerts in Jakarta, Indonesia.  The darkest point in Purple’s career that saw the band ripped off to the tune of $750,000, but even worse, the tragic death of one of their crewmembers that resulted in some of Purple’s entourage arrested on suspicion of his murder – something no amount of money could have compensated for. A truly Unique film that reveals the excesses of life in the mid-seventies in one of the world’s biggest rock ‘n’ roll bands.