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Today’s mystery object?

February 9, 2015

Researching for the upcoming Machine Head book (more details…), the subject of that box of tricks gaffer-taped to the top of Jon’s Hammond organ for a number of years cropped up again.  So for anyone not familiar with the Maestro (rather than the maestro’s!) Ring Modulator, first heard by most fans on the Made In Japan (and ringed on this great photo, taken at the Rainbow Theatre at the end of June 1972), here’s a special DTB featurette.

Deep Purple ring modulator 1972



April 20, 2012

The passing of Jim Marshall last week must have had Radio 4 listeners wondering… why on earth should a man who made amplifiers be getting coverage on the Today programme? Yet even for us non-musicians there was something about just the look of the Marshall gear which grabbed your attention. And Deep Purple were wrapped up in the firm’s amplification from the very off when, pockets stuffed full of used fivers from the manager’s start-up fund, they kitted themselves out in style at Deeves Hall. The group continued to patronise his shop and Marshall would tweak Blackmore’s amp to order; his twin Marshall stack look as a much a part of the band as the musician himself for me. Deep Purple also did some promoting of Marshall gear in the early 70s and even made a special appearance at the factory on one occasion I seem to recall. Here’s a nice vintage press advert promoting the band and the gear.

deep purple and marshall amplification 1970 press advert

Even after Deep Purple split, the musicians retained ties with the firm – the group Gillan featuring on the front page of one of their late 70s in-house newsletters. Even in his final interview, which appeared after his death in one of the national papers (done by email as he was too poorly to do it in person), Jim was still talking of Ritchie Blackmore, Page and Clapton, British guitarists who helped establish his brand in the late 60s. In return many musicians talk reverently of the amazing service they got from the firm in days when the corporate mentality would have taken over from many a lesser personality. Forget Marshall branded radios and fridges, we’re going to put one of those cute one watt desk amps on our Christmas list this year.

deep purple and marshall amplification 1970 de lane lea

All Marshall'd up in De Lane Lea, 1970