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‘Ere Ear

January 20, 2020

The earMusic publicity machine seems to be grinding into action and speculation is that a May release for the new Deep Purple studio album (will they be calling it “Y And Beyond”? I dare them) seems to be on the cards. Ear have apparently (well Tim Summers told me, I haven’t got the patience!) been pushing out annoyingly short clips of Roger talking to producer Bob (and revealing very little in the process), but the feeling is that some actual audio snippets will not be long in appearing.  Some who have been privy to listening in claim it’s the best Morse-era material yet.  I know we shouldn’t get too excited at our age but I’ll get our laptop speakers dusted down in case …!

Meanwhile while we’re waiting, if you have half an hour free, see if you can spot parts of the Smoke On The Water riff in Jon Holmes amazing new BBC Radio 4 dark ‘comedy’ The Twister.

deep purple at bbc

“Keep that lid closed guys, Carlos Ghosn slipped me a pony to put it on the next flight to Cuba…”

EMI’s Machine Head Box Set

August 14, 2012

Deep Purple Machine Head 40th Anniversary five CD box set announced

EMI have announced their take on the Machine Head Anniversary, with a five disc box set. As well as the studio album in various formats, the BBC In Concert 1972 has been remixed and repackaged to match. This and Machine Head also get special vinyl editions with bonus 7″ singles. You can get the full details on our Machine Head review page, but get yourself a cuppa set up as there is a lot to get your head round. The various editions can be pre-ordered at DTBOnline store.

Latest vinyl editions

August 14, 2012

The vinyl renaissance shows few signs of slowing down to the pleasure of many (and the bewilderment of others!). Four more to bring to your attention:

Deep-Purple-Total-Abandon-2012DEEP PURPLE / TOTAL ABANDON Vinyl limited edition

The first ever vinyl pressing of the Total Abandon live album is due at the end of August, a two album set, pressed on blue 180 gsm vinyl. It is limited to just 1,000 copies. We do not yet have full track list or side split. The sleeve has the new cover art as seen on the recent single CD edition.

DEEP PURPLE American Vinyl limited editions
There is a new batch of 2012 American only vinyl reissues of several Deep Purple titles (issued under license from Warner Bros). These are all 180 gsm reissues in facsimile sleeves. Titles available are : Fireball, Who Do We Think We Are, Made In Japan, Last Concert in Japan. Please note these are imports only and EMI are not planning to follow suit.

GILLAN / FUTURE SHOCK Ltd Ed vinyl release

Very impressive, you can read a short review on the site here and see a pack shot.

DTB Online store has copies of these (or can take pre-orders) though we are not sure how long they will be available for.


A vinyl edition has been added to the forthcoming format schedule for later in the year. More anon.

New release roundup

April 13, 2011

The new releases just seem to keep stacking up! Here’s a quick round up: Phoenix Nights – sorry, Phoenix Rising – has now added a last-minute limited edition vinyl run to the formats. There will be just 2,000 copies of this worldwide, and it will we assume sport the flash artwork, which should look quite good at a decent size.
ian gillan charity single who caresIan Gillan has announced a physical edition of the Gillan / Iommi outfit Who Cares‘ debut single, a sop to us saddo collectors who don’t want to buy our music as downloads no doubt. It’s a two track disc and if you’ve missed it, Jon Lord handles the keyboards. They’re all featured on the cover. The lead track is titled Out Of My Mind.
The Black Sabbath / Ian Gillan tie-up album Born Again gets the umpteenth reissue shortly. Sadly they have been unable to find the master tapes, so a remix is not possible. Instead the album will be remastered, and they are at last adding the vintage Reading performance recording done for Radio 1 (the band’s only UK show) as the bonus disc, plus the single.
The Black Country Communion second album gets closer, and is available to pre-order. No news yet on final formats (they do seem to leave it later and later to announce these), but strange that the sleeve should so closely resemble a more polished version of the first – give or take a couple of crows.
Back to Blackmore, and as well as upcoming Blackmore’s Night shows (dates on the website), an Italian musical charting his life and times (I’m assured this is not a wind-up!) PLUS his special guest status on former Star Trek Captain’s new album Seeking Major Tom (along with Ian Paice), Universal are working on the next of the Remastered 2CD sets, Long Live Rock n Roll. We hope to have more news on content shortly.
You can find more info on a lot of these titles on the DTB Blog (, on the DPAS website ( and of course they can all be pre-ordered at DTBOnline (
Attached is a PDF catalogue sheet with the upcoming titles.

DTB Forthcoming April 1.0

You have no passes

March 2, 2011

mastermind chair

According to Ian Williams who just emailed, Deep Purple is going to be one of the specialist subjects on Mastermind, an edition due to be aired on Friday 18th March 2011.
Let’s hope this is more accurate than the last time one of the contestants had DP as a subject. They asked him a question, he gave the right answer, but they said he was wrong. We took it up with the producers (just to stir it a bit) and it turned out they’d been using a book which had erroneous data in it. Happily it didn’t affect the outcome on that occasion.
Anyway, if we remember to tune in, we can all have fun pitting our wits against John Humphreys whilst wondering how come a bloke of his vintage is OK for TV but a woman half his age isn’t. Nobody kicks the chair off despitebeing vintage (Charles & Ray Eames design, yours for just over £3K for a repro)…
[Mind you we’re on a real anti-BBC kick at the moment. I know Outcasts wasn’t brilliant but I like a bit of sci-fi and it had picked up, so we decided to stick the series out. Only to find the dunderheads have moved it from the regular slot without any warning; so we missed Episode 5, can’t catch up (iPlayer won’t run in our area), and have effectively been stiffed. If they’re going to do this every time a show wobbles, then you’re not going to bother starting to watch in the first place. The BBC is supposed to be a public service broadcaster, not a high profile US commercial network in thrall to advertisers].

Record Store Day DP special (update)

February 18, 2011

record store day deep purple singleApril 16th 2011 is Record Store Day! Record Store Day came into being in 2007 when over 700 independent stores in the USA (hence store, not shop!) came together to celebrate their – well survival as much as anything.  The UK followed suit (as have many other European countries) and 2011 will see the third celebration of the UK’s unique independent record sector, which is now down to around 300 shops. You can find out which stores are covered at the link below, and there is a poll to discover the best indie shop. There are a lot of one-off and special releases being planned, and EMI are getting behind the scheme, and suggested a Deep Purple retro release might be possible.
As an old-school collector I was all in favour, and offered to get some artwork together in double quick time (otherwise it would have been in a plain bag).
The single will be a Mk 1 and Mk1 double header, with Hush – recorded for Chris Grant’s Tasty Pop Sundae in early 1969, and Speed King, recorded for Stuart Henry’s Noise At Nine in October the same year. Both are from the upcoming BBC Sessions project.
Below are proposals for the front and back cover. Please note this is pre-release art and lacks copyright info, codes, EMI logo, etc.

Deep Purple record store day single Hush

Deep Purple record store day single Speed King

The single will only be distributed to the participating indie shops. The pressing run is low at around 1400 copies. As DTB only run an online store (even though we are based in the UK and pay tax), we are not able to order stock upfront, but we will be given first refusal on any not ordered by the shops after. Fingers crossed. Luckily one of the participating shops is quite close to us so I might see if we can order through them.

Record shops and small UK online retailers need our help, the VAT fiddlers are rapidly crushing those that have hung on and although there is some vague hope that the Government might move to block this £150million pound a year (and that’s a low estimate) scam which we are all now paying for in cuts to services, we can’t count on anything.

In the meantime to find out more about Record Store day, you can visit their site at:

BBC Sessions • Update

October 14, 2010

UPDATES • There is a separate page about this title, which includes all the updates, track information and a downloadable PDF showing all the various covers. Visit BBC Sessions Update.

The CD and Box Set can both be pre-ordered at the DTBOnline Store.

STORY • This project has cleared the last hurdles and we’re starting to put thinking caps on. Two more recordings have turned up recently, both with previously lost numbers from early Deep Purple sessions on, none of which have ever been bootlegged. It brings us down to just two sessions still lost, plus a couple of tracks which only exist in poor quality. So we can’t call it ‘the complete’ yet, but it’s not far off. Thoughts of perhaps making a nice presentation set with the sessions and the two In Concerts were mooted, but batting this idea around with people here has come down in favour of two CDs. CD1 will be the BBC Sessions. CD2 will be a revised version of the BBC In Concerts, packaged to match. So fans can just get the sessions and not be forced to buy extra discs for material they already have (although the 1970 and 1972 sets may get a light-touch sonic upgrade; I’ve heard two sample tracks done at Abbey Road and they do sound good).

Needless to say I’ve had a bit of fun doing a cover idea (a project is not a project for me until there is something visual to refer to) and this is shown here.

EMI have managed to sort out a deal with the owner of two of the unissued sessions. It is likely that there will be a Various Artists BBC Sessions set which will include one or two of the Deep Purple tracks, and this may reach the shops before the full DP set. So unless you really cannot wait, our advice is to hang on for the full CD (though the V/A set may be interesting for other bands).

I have now finished the full session listing which I will add on a separate page, and your input would be welcome.