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April 19, 2019

coverdales house one.jpg

The ultimate Whitesnake collectable?  One of the classic rock sites has reported David Coverdale’s Incline Village home up for sale for a few dollars short of $10,000,000.  Sale is being handled by Chase International (motto “If you need to ask the price you cannot afford it”), but when I went to check their website out today the property had already disappeared, so someone may have already have snapped it up.  However the photos are still up at

so it’s well worth a look as what I would suggests is the swizziest property ever owned by any of the Purple guys!  Certainly the view over Lake Tahoe is astonishing; how he ever managed to drag himself away from that to go on tour I don’t know.  Or where he found time to go out and shoot all those Zebras! The room lined with award discs and posters which is a fan fest is shown here.  Thanks to our realtor correspondent Mark Maddock.

coverdales house two.jpg


Hanwell ’69

December 14, 2010

We’ve banged on about the efforts to save (by the local community) and destroy (sorry, sell to a property developer by the local authority) Hanwell Community Centre in the magazine before. As many fans know, this is where DP Mk 2 spent many weeks jamming in 1969 and developing the In Rock album material. Anyhow, the place was saved some time ago, but the staff fear the current climate might bring new threats to the place.

They now have a new website up though, which includes a few pages about the bands who rehearsed there in 69, including DP (with images donated by us). Visit them at  Hanwell Community Centre.  The photo here shows the spruced up games room which was used in the film Billy Elliott. The Who used this room for a time, not sure if DP ever did, or more likely stuck to one of the smaller rooms.

House of Blue Light

May 21, 2010

I flagged up the sale of Deeves Hall in Darker Than Blue a couple of years ago (so probably last issue then?) suggesting that someone with a bit of cash might be interested in the ultimate DP collectable.

“Standing proudly against the beautiful sky, 350 year old Deeves Hall was exactly the home —– and —– were seeking.” So much so that they’ve put it right back on the market after a big make-over and at double the price (£2,250,000).

Richard Breeze sent us the clipping from his local paper, in which the property is headed ‘House of Blue Light’, so clearly someone at the estate agent has keyed in the band’s name to google and got their wires a bit crossed.

Anyway, more pictures can be found at the agent’s site until it sells. I’m off to contact the architects responsible for the ‘renovation’ to see what they have to say (I was in touch with them at the time and they promised to let me know if the infamous graffiti wall was uncovered during work on the inside of the house!).