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Bernie and Eddie true

July 16, 2010


Eddie Jordan and Whitesnake 's Bernie MarsdenFrancesco from the Italian Deep Purple fanclub went along to see the Bernie Marsden Band at the Woodlands campsite in Silverstone, during the weekend of the British F1 Grand Prix. Bernie only lives down the road, so an easy gig for him to get to.
Anyhow, apparently former Formula 1 team manager (and current BBC pundit) Eddie Jordan made a surprise guest appearance on stage (looking it has to be said like some vintage rap star!). He talked and ranted about Formula 1, the Grand Prix and rock music, as well as playing drums on Cocaine and Sweet Home Alabama.
The setlist was mostly rock and blues classics, though Bernie (seen in the distance in the photograph) did do Here I Go Again, revealing that the track will be included on a new Rock Band guitar computer game release later this year (which should earn him and DC a few bob).
From what we hear from another source, Bernie and David have had a number of long phone conversations recently, and spoken of an idea to perhaps do some sort of classic shows together at some stage. But don’t hold your breath as DC still has to deliver the new studio album first.
Anyway, if you want to see some more pictures, Francesco has posted them on a hosting site here.