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Shy (but not retiring)

November 21, 2016

David Coverdale appears to have backtracked on his early retirement plans; perhaps he’s seen the rubbish interest rates offering on annuities these days! I confess I’d missed the story, so may not have been alone in this. We’ll wait and see how this manifests itself tour / LP wise next year.
Meanwhile Here I Go Again has been targeted by two advertising agencies this last few months. Nescafé in the UK have been playing it under footage of a long-haired young bloke sauntering about, getting a coffee bean shower and doing the hoola hoop at a bus stop.

In America WalMart have gone to town a bit using the song in a more interactive way, using young kids to each sing a line of the song before the real thing slides in underneath to end the short commercial. It is very nicely done.

So, that should be David’s Xmas shopping taken care of! All these cover versions made me hanker for a listen to the real thing, so here they go again in one of the last of the good old days courtesy EMI. Then I got all miserable realising that half this lot are no longer with us…

May 16, 2013
Deep Purple Metal Hammer magazine Poland

Deep Purple on cover of Metal Hammer magazine Poland

Gillan and Paice looked relaxed on the Later with… TV show on Tuesday evening. Jools Holland banged on about the album sleeve for a bit and then (for some reason) asked IG how dressing room riders had changed over the years? This prompted a nice (but barely audible) IG riff about asking for a rhino full of tartan ice cream and milk from two dogs! Holland then wheeled out the old Top Of The Pops clip – again – and asked them to come back and play on the show sometime. Paice said they would make that happen. IG mentioned that Roger couldn’t come as he was in hospital but didn’t say what was wrong. They may have a longer chat on the show’s repeat.
The DTB Mail Order Store have been told the Now What vinyl edition has sold out. The distributors are checking to see if any extra stock about, or if the label might be repressing given the demand.
Rolling Stone magazine have run a story asking readers for their list of bands which should be ion the rock and roll hall of fame but are still missing. Deep Purple tops the list. They were nominated for this year, and the next list will be announced in 2014. The place is fast becoming something of a laughing stock. Here’s the story. And even I know how to spell Nirvana correctly.
Also worth reading, a really well put together review of the new album and where it sits in the band’s career, in the Albany Democratic Herald. Nice to see such good journalism surviving in odd corners, it sure beats some of the shallow stuff which passes itself off in the UK qualities these days.  And when you’re finished reading it you can even get a Beaver Sports Update… A fairly positive review in the Independent newspaper in the UK too although the writer seemed to think that Don was a replacement following Jon’s death.
The Wednesday after Jools, Coverdale popped up on the BBC Breakfast TV sofa looking chipper and plugging the tour which starts Saturday. Dates are on the Coverdale news page. There are strong rumours to the effects that Bernie will pop up again at some shows, and even that Micky Moody might join him, but we’ll have to wait and see.
The next installment of the Whitesnake live album releases has been announced, a double from the UK and ROW, the details again on the Coverdale page shortly. It looks like they decided to combine two releases into one. Apparently they decided to record every show, and the CD production team then had to sift through over eighty concerts to make the selection…
It looks as if Coverdale guests on a track on Bernie Marsden’s upcoming solo album, as well as Joe Bonamasa (it is coming out on Joe’s label).
Finally who is the scallywag who posted this comment on a YouTube clip of Ritchie and The Outlaws some years ago (hoping it might become part of Blackmore myth)? It has finally been refuted! “Not many people realise that Ritchie Blackmore wrote and played most of the music for children’s television through the 1960’s – this was just before purple made the big time: Magic Roundabout, Chigley and Camberwick Green to name a few.” Mind you two more mid-sixties sessions have been mooted by one of the old engineers, so we’re trying to confirm.
Oh, and still wondering why Amazon are so cheap? Staff at their German offices have had to stage a strike just to try and get their wages up to the German state minimum.

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October 4, 2012

Another day, another ex-Whitesnake outfit. But this one looks a bit more interesting. Called Snakecharmer, it comprises vocalist Chris Ousey, guitarists Laurie Wisefield (from Wishbone Ash) and Micky Moody, bassist Neil Murray, keyboard player Adam Wakeman (yes, related!) and drummer Harry James (heard not long back on Dn Airey’s album). They have an album out in the new year and will be touring. Check them out at
Thanks to Stuart Hamilton

Neil Murray, Micky Moody, Snakecharmer

Micky Moody’s murky past

July 31, 2010

permissive dvd cover bfiMicky Moody in a sex film? Well, sort of, and no it wasn’t called Belgian Tom’s Hat-trick!

Film-maker Stanley Long produced Groupie Girl in 1970, based on the real-life exploits of Suzanne Mercer, who co-wrote the film. It did well on the late night cinema circuit, enough for the pair to try a follow up, called Bread, in 1971. The story was more light-hearted, and most reviewers liken it to an early Adventures Of style comedy; a thin plot, plenty of tame nudity and some laughs along the way. Some hippies manage to get a land-owner to let them stage a pop festival, and all sorts of scrapes ensue.

For the festival they manage to book a couple of groups, one of which is Juicy Lucy. They agreed to do the film as their bass player was dating the film’s co-writer Suzanne Mercer! At this time, Micky Moody was the band’s guitarist, and so appears in a number of scenes. Juicy Lucy are also seen on stage towards the end. I wore my copy of Who Do You Love out at the time, and was disappointed to learn that the great solo on here was done by the band’s original guitarist, who Micky replaced in 1970 prior to cutting their second album Lie Back And Enjoy It. He stayed with the band until their split in 1972, and then moved on to Snafu (I can’t find a decent shot of Micky with Juicy Lucy, the best I can manage is this great shot of him in Snafu – Micky’s the one with the moustache, er  long hair, no, stack heels, ah, stripey trousers).

Micky Moody later to join Whitesnake in his 1973 band Snafu

Even as a fan of vintage Brit films, especially ones which feature bands of the time (Blow Up is an all-time favourite) it’s one which has passed me by, but the BFI have a series of DVDs coupling long-forgotten movies and so Bread turns up as the b-feature on the DVD of Permissive, a more realistic drama (which also features a few cult bands of the time – anyone else remember Comus and Titus Groan?!). So certainly one I’ll be looking out for in the next HMV sale.

My thanks to Nigel Young for passing on the news (and spotting the typos!). You can find a full plot and cast list at the BFI website and check up on what Micky did after his short film career at

hippy clothes

what the well dressed rock fan wore in 1970