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November 27, 2014

Documentary looking at the history of Marshall on BBC4 TV Friday night at 10.00pm, which should be of interest to most Purple fans. As is all too often the case with the BBC these days I’ve not seen one trailer for the show (clearly Lucy Worsleblackmore marshall stacksy isn’t fronting it) which is squeezed in between a couple of programmes about Pink Floyd (it will be available on iPlayer soon after). Sadly Blackmore didn’t want to appear, and they couldn’t get Glover’s schedule to tie-in with filming dates but Nick Simper does hold the torch for the band.  Lot’s of other interesting guests in the one hour show, though sadly as it has been in the works for some years, not all have survived to see it transmitted (including Big Jim Sullivan).  The eagle eyed may well spot the name of Tonny Steenhagen in the credits, a regular contributor to all things Darker Than Blue, who helped the producers out.  Let’s hope they spell his name right…!

Link to the BBC4 page about the programme.

Photo from the easy on the eye book “Wait For The Ricochet”.

Nasty Habits bowing out

August 15, 2013

Nasty Habits are ending their now long-standing partnership with Nick Simper later this year.  They will be doing the last of their very popular Mk 1 sets together in October, so if you want to catch them this is your last chance.  The final dates are: 11.10.  Harmonie, Bonn, Germany; 17.10.  Reigen, Vienna; 18.10.  Mostviertelhalle,  3350 Haag,  Austria; 19.10.  Kulturhaus, Potschach, Austria
The band were recently on a big Austrian festival bill with ZZ Top and Stevie Winwood headlining. Thanks to Peter Brkusic, photo from MetalShock.

Nick Simper Nasty Habits

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February 22, 2013

Deep Purple possible London concert – see below. Updates on the musician’s pages : Jon Lord remembered at the Grammys – Whitesnake new live album now set for Europe as well – Nick Simper’s band doing festival in July

Don and Nick together

August 2, 2012

Don Airey and Nick Simper double header – details on the site here.

Nasty Habits

July 16, 2010

Is this the worst name for a Deep Purple related band ever? Discuss! Mind you as they’ve just changed their upcoming CD cover for the third time perhaps it was easier to go with the name they had rather than try and come up with something less corny. Nevertheless I must admit we’re quite looking forward to this one, as so much of the early material is neglected (and if we hear Deep Purple do Hush one more time we’ll scream – but not in a good way). The Nasty Habits are also releasing a single, which is a cover of Roadhouse Blues (which Nick explains was on The Door’s fifth album, and is a track he’s always liked). Anyway, if you’ve not gone looking yet, we’ve just had a decent promo pic of the group sent in, which we can post here. Good to see Nick looking well too.

nick simper and nasty habits

The live CD can be pre-ordered from the DTB store, there is a link on the homepage.