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HMV specials

October 17, 2018

HMV have issued a number of special edition vinyl represses this year again (you may recall the marble vinyl In Rock from last time) to mark the BBC supported National Album Day. The one which may be of interest is a coloured vinyl issue of Rainbow Rising in their shops now (not online).  My thanks to Russ Berger for the heads up via Mark Maddock.

Rainbow HMV colour vinyl 2018


A sound of thunder

August 18, 2015

tony careyTony Carey doesn’t surface much here but he has recently* guested on a cover of Rainbow’s Death Alley Driver by a band called A Sound of Thunder.
To quote from the press release (we certainly couldn’t put it better!):  “This is a very cool cover of a very cool song, by a very cool band. So that’s all cool…” said Carey.  “As far as my part goes, I threw down some old-school Hammond and played a much-too-fast solo bit on a Minimoog (remember those?) and woke up on the Sunset Strip in pre-Apocalypse 1976… lots of fun, and not something I do very often. Hollywood Swingin’! Thanks for having me.”
I must confess it’s not that easy to pick him out, remix it now guys! A preview of the track is streaming on the band’s Soundcloud page here:
Thanks to Josh Schwartz
* recently in DTB time….