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August 28, 2020

Greg Tarlinton has added this to the current batch of DP magazine covers, over in Australia. Steve chats about the recording of the new album and how he used to build guitars! Cover date June 2020.

Greg also adds that the magazine web site has a number of DP features dotted around their website if you can navigate around the pages. He’s done us a helpful list, hope all the links work properly (the software people have messed with the options so struggling a bit!):

Fantasy Camp

October 12, 2016

Ian Paice Glenn Hughes Rock n Roll Fantasy camp

Three members of Deep Purple have been booked to help celebrate the twenty first anniversary of Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp next year; Ian Paice, Steve Morse and Glenn Hughes. The four day event enables people to jam with, learn from and listen to the musicians and rock star councillors, and the final night will be hosted at the Whisky A Go Go, a show by Glenn Hughes and some of the attendees. March 2-5, 2017 in Hollywood, California if you’re feeling flush. It is being billed with a “Celebrate the Music of Deep Purple” theme this time, and “in memory of Jon Lord”. Glenn has done this event before, but I think it’s a first timer for the other guys.  There is no indication that they will perform on stage together, but you never know. For additional information, visit

Thanks to Tim Summers.

Reverse tributes

April 24, 2015

Hot on the heels of Coverdale’s Purple Album, and Blackmore’s rumoured Purple Rainbows, comes news of a sort of reverse tribute offering, from the Deep Purple covers band Purpendicular.
They’ve gone in the other direction, and ditched their covers in favour of an album of all new material BUT with contributions from Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Don Airey, Steve Morse and Neil Murray!
It’s a concept album entitled This Is The Thing #1 and available through through their own website.
Nick Simper has also gone the same way and cut a new album with Nasty Habits, the band he did the successful Mk 1 tribute shows with for some time. This time he’s doing all new material, contemporary rock.  The CD is titled De La Frog Conspiracy (don’t ask us why!) and it’s available through the band. Email them at

Nick Simper Nasty Habits CD
Thanks also to Tom Dixon for the info.

Purple People

April 10, 2014

Deep Purple Royal Albert Hall Jon Lord memorial concert April 2014 Deep Purple Royal Albert Hall Jon Lord memorial concert April 2014 Deep Purple Royal Albert Hall Jon Lord memorial concert April 2014 Deep Purple Royal Albert Hall Jon Lord memorial concert April 2014

Some of the Purple guys at the Jon Lord show (photos by Moth Clark). The recording is being mixed at Abbey Road right now! Reviews of the show on the site here.

Flying Colors Live set

September 3, 2013

There’s a live album out in October by Flying Colors, the occasional splinter group featuring Steve Morse and friends. More details on the site here, and the release can be ordered through DTBOnline as 2CD, DVD or Bluray.

Solo fest

March 7, 2011

Bit of a solo-fest coming up from the Deep Purple camp over the next couple of months.  It’s been a good while since his album Snapshot, but Roger Glover‘s new record is finally slated for June release. The CD is called If Life Was Easy*. The last we heard of this it was ‘almost finished’, and that was in 2007. Maybe he’s waiting for the next issue of DTB… It’s also changed titles, originally he referred to it as Close Up.
In contrast Don Airey* has narrowed the gap between his last solo album (A Light In The Sky*) and the next, and is looking as a possible April release in Europe.
Further away there is the possibility of an all new studio recording of The Concerto later this year, which Jon Lord is sorting out.
Over on the guitar front, Steve Morse has spoken of working with Billy Idol in the near future, and guesting on an Eric Clapton tour during 2011. Be very interesting to hear what he and ‘slow-hand’ could come up with together.

tony iommi and ian gillan who cares

Finally the Gillan / Iommi ‘supergroup’ Who Cares (what a strange name!) have a couple of tracks due out in March, though the formats and other info still hasn’t reached us. “On the flight home from Armenia we decided to write a song or two and form an ad hoc band – specifically for use on fund raising occasions – called ‘Who Cares’. Any live performances would be with a nebulous line-up and those plans are still on the drawing board, but we have made a move in the right direction by getting started with the writing. I visited Tony recently and we came up with a couple of songs that aren’t too horrible. Hopefully we can knock them into shape in the near future”, Ian Gillan told an Aremnian news agency. This will further the Rock Aid Armenia fund-raising project they both began over a decade ago with the Smoke On The Water remix* (which has just been reissued in a new package with an extra remix). The two new tracks were cut in early October 2010, with a certain Jon Lord helping out plus Iron Maiden’s drummer Nicko McBrain.
Lastly there are some Teaser Deluxe* sound clips up on the Tommy Bolin website now according to Damian Phelan. You can check them out following the link below (the CD release has been delayed by at least a week according to our distributors):

You can pre-order any of the above marked * via the DTBonline store.

Engl’s cube

August 27, 2010

steve morse deep purple on stage

I was going through a nice gallery of shots taken by Christer Lorich‘s this morning. Christer has been with the DPAS for over 30 years now, so it’s about time I used one of his photographs I thought. He had access to the stage side views during one of this summer’s festivals. This shot of Steve Morse caught my eye, as it is a nice intimate spur of the moment image, different to a lot of the photographs you see of the man when out front.

I was also drawn to the day-glo sign on the amp, which when I enlarged the image turned out to be a DIY guide to setting the stacking order of the amps up. Each cabinet has one on the back, with the position of the individual amp in the block shaded in. So you don’t have to work it out, just make sure you shuffle them into the right order. A bit like those Rubik’s Cube puzzles which were all the rage. It saves roadies getting yelled at I suppose. I did ponder what actually constitutes the right order, but perhaps there are technicians out there who could enlighten me as to the feng shui of amp positioning…

Then I wondered if the drum stand has a ‘this way up’ sticker on it, or maybe a ‘use other end’ on the drum sticks. Then the nurse came and dragged me off the computer.

We’ll use one or two of Christer’s pictures in the next issue of Darker Than Blue and try to put a gallery up on the main site.